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Bioaerosol Sampling

Bioaersol Samplers

The SKC BioSampler BioSampler
The SKC BioSampler is a collection device designed for sampling airborne particulates of biological origin (e.g., bacteria, fungi, pollen, and viruses) and their fragments and by-products.
The BioStage Single-stage Bioaerosol Impactor BioStage Bioaerosol Impactor
The BioStage Single-stage Bioaerosol Impactor operates on the principle of inertial impaction and meets NIOSH Methods 0800 and 0801 specifications for sampling indoor and outdoor air for viable microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes.
SKC Button Sampler for Inhalable Dust Button Sampler for Inhalable Dust
SKC Button Aerosol Sampler is a filter sampler with a porous curved-surface inlet designed to improve the collection characteristics of inhalable dust (< 100 µm aerodynamic diameter), including bioaerosols for total (viable plus non-viable) microbial count.

Filters for Bioaerosol Sampling

Filters Optimized for Bioaerosol Sampling
Filter sampling is an easy, efficient method for sampling bioaerosols including vegetative bacteria, fungal cells, spores, and fragments such as endotoxin.
Microvacuum Cassettes
Designed specifically for the collection and analysis of fungal spores from carpets and other dusty areas, the Carpet Cassette contains a 0.45-µm pore size polycarbonate filter preloaded into a 37-mm cassette with an attached micro-vacuum nozzle.
VersaTrap Sampling Cassettes
VersaTrap fits directly onto bioaerosol sampling pumps such as the QuickTake 30 to effectively collect mold spores, pollen, dust, fibers, asbestos, fungi, inorganic particles, and many other IAQ contaminants.
Wall Inspector Kit
Unlike core sampling, the non-destructive Wall Inspector Kit requires only a 3/8-inch hole in the base of a wall to sample the cavity and reduces the chance of fungal spore contamination of indoor air during sampling. The Wall Inspector Kit includes 10 VersaTrap spore trap cassettes, 10 wall adapters, wall adapter rod, drill with bit, stud finder, Moisture Meter, and carry case.

Bioaerosol Surface Sampling

Carpet Sampling Pump Kit Carpet Sampling Pump Kit
The convenient Carpet Sampling Pump Kit contains all the materials needed to sample carpeting for fungal spores and particulates.
Sterile Surface Swab Kit Sterile Surface Swab Kit
The easy-to-use Surface Swab Kit is ideal for determining the relative degree and type of biological contamination in an area. This non-destructive method can be safely used on most surfaces and materials.
Stick-to-it : Lift Tape for Surface Sampling Stick-to-it Lift Tape for Surface Sampling
Stick-to-it flexible plastic microscope slides feature an adhesive area for easy sampling. Identify the sample area, press slide adhesive to the surface, place slide in provided mailer, and send to a laboratory for analysis.

Visual inspection

Video Borescope
View hard-to-reach areas with the lightweight Extech BR100 Video Borescope. The BR100 Borescope is ideal for examining wall cavities; HVAC duct inspection; viewing inside engines and transmissions; inspecting weld integrity, process equipment, gears, and molding machines; and for aircraft inspections.
Guide to Sampling Particles of Biological Origin
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