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Full Disclosure(3)
1. Full Disclosure: The Full Disclosure Operating Instructions indicate that a yellow result is negative and a pink or red result is positive. My results are orange to deep orange. Is this a positive or negative result? Is orange considered in the Yellow range or the Red range?

Inventors at NIOSH state orange is a negative reaction. Lead present at or above the lower limit of visual identification will display the characteristic red/pink color only.

2. Full Disclosure: What forms of lead are detected and at what levels?

Full Disclosure is suitable for the detection of elemental lead, lead oxides, and some lead salts such as lead sulfate, lead nitrate, and lead acetate that can be solubulized by the mild acetic acid extraction solution included in the kit.The Full Disclosure…

3. Full Disclosure: Do the wipes included in the Full Disclosure Kits conform to ASTM E1792?

Yes. These wipes do conform to ASTM Standard E1792.

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