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Portable Instruments
Real-time dust, aerosol, and particulate monitors for personal and area investigations
Gas Detection
SKC's wide selection of gas detectors and monitors from Dräger, and RAE
Noise dosimeters, real-time frequency analyzers, and sound level meters from Quest Technologies
Heat Stress
Heat stress and thermal environment monitors from Quest Technologies
Moisture meters and thermohygrometers from Tramex
IAQ Monitors
Instruments for assessing indoor air quality and adjusting/testing HVAC systems
Light meters for every indoor IAQ light intensity application
Velocity and Airflow
Anemometers and airflow indicators for measuring air currents, respirator fit, and leak testing
Capture Hood
The Kanomax TABmaster Capture Hood is an effective tool for evaluations of airflow at supply and exhaust points during HVAC testing. The capture hood fits tightly over the air port to eliminate any leakage that could affect measurement accuracy.
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