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SKC Air Sample Bags and Accessories for Active Sampling

Gas Sample Bags Sample Bags
Bags of various materials with a choice of fittings are available from SKC for collecting air contamination mixtures. SKC offers Tedlar and SamplePro FlexFilm. Four-layer FlexFoil bags are available for landfill gases and other gases not stable in Tedlar or equivalents. SKC also offers FluoroFilm FEP bags and other specialty bags as standard or custom options.
Vac-U-Chamber SKC Vac-U-Chamber
This rigid container is designed for collecting bag samples using negative pressure methods. Kits are available with the rigid container, sample pump, and 8-liter bags for sample bag collection without concerns over pump contamination.
Vac-U- Tube SKC Vac-U-Tube
This acrylic syringe with a removable face plate allows a bag sample to be collected manually into a specially designed 0.7-liter bag placed inside.

Sample Pumps for Bag Collection

Grab Air Sample Pump (1 L/min)
This 9-volt battery operated pump has a fixed flow of 1 L/min for collection of an air sample into a bag. Not UL Listed for intrinsic safety
222 Series
This classic workhorse pump has both a suction port for sorbent tube sampling and a pressure port for bag sampling with flows from 50 to 200 ml/min.
Twin Port Pocket Pump
The small, programmable Pocket Pump is available with a twin port option for both sorbent tube and bag sampling with flows from 20 to 225 ml/min. Not UL Listed for intrinsic safety

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