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Surface Sampling

Biological Surface Sampling

Carpet Sampling Pump Kit Carpet Sampling Pump Kit
The convenient Carpet Sampling Pump Kit contains all the materials needed to sample carpeting for fungal spores and particulates.
Microvacuum Cassettes
Designed specifically for the collection and analysis of fungal spores from carpets and other dusty areas, the Carpet Cassette contains a 0.45-µm pore size polycarbonate filter preloaded into a 37- mm cassette with an attached microvacuum nozzle
Sterile Surface Swab Kit Sterile Surface Swab Kit
The easy-to-use Surface Swab Kit is ideal for determining the relative degree and type of biological contamination in an area. This non-destructive method can be safely used on most surfaces and materials.
Stick-to-it : Lift Tape for Surface Sampling Stick-to-it: Lift Tape for Surface Sampling
Stick-to-it is a flexible clear plastic microscope slide with an adhesive area that can be used to sample for possible biological and inorganic dust contamination on surfaces. Analysis of samples can indicate the relative degree of contamination on surfaces and the types of fungi present.
smear tabs Smear Tabs
Low-ash, acid-hardened paper Smear Tabs are designed for collecting samples on surfaces where dust and chemicals have settled. SKC Smear Tabs are specified in OSHA ID-145 for wipe sampling of particulate mercury.
  Templates for Surface Sampling
Templates are available in several sizes including 1' x 1' for HUD Lead Guidelines.

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