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Confidence in Calibration for your Gas Flow Devices

Gas flow devices, including sample pump flowmeters, are only as accurate as their calibration. SKC CAL Service performs and documents calibration for your gas flow devices to maintain the integrity of your air monitoring programs and to stay in compliance with quality management systems. View SKC CAL Service Brochure.

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Here’s How to Order SKC CAL Service

  1. Click to get started with your Calibration Service Request.
    Once we receive your completed request, we will email a Returns Authorization (RA) number to you for the next step. Be sure to print your completed form before submitting it electronically.

    (This step requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Latest version is at Problems submitting the PDF form? Switch browser to Internet Explorer and try again or right-clock the link and download to your PC. Open the PDF, complete the form, print, and click Submit.)

  2. Click to select your payment option.
    (This step requires an RA number and Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)

  3. Click to access Decontamination Form.
    Complete the Decontamination Form (Requires Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader) and ship it with your device. It is your responsibility to decontaminate any device you send to SKC to ensure it is free from hazardous materials.

  4. Package and ship it!
    Mark the RA number on correspondence and the outside of the package. Ship device and a printed copy of your completed Calibration Request Form and Decontamination Form to:
    SKC Inc.
    Service Dept.— RA# ______________
    863 Valley View Road
    Eighty Four, PA 15330-8619