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Gas and Vapor Sampling

Color Diffusion, Dosimeter, and Detector Tubes for Active Sampling

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     Dräger Tubes

Dräger X-act 5000 Automatic Tube Pump
The Dräger X-act 5000 automatic tube pump is the first all-in-one solution for measurements with Dräger detector tubes and sampling tubes. Simply scan the barcode on the Dräger tube packaging and substance name, number of strokes, and measuring range automatically transfers to the pump.

Dräger accuro® Grab Sample Pump
Dräger accuro pumps for use with Dräger color detector tubes


Grab Sample Tubes for Dräger accuro
Complete list of Dräger color detector tubes



Breathing Air Test Kit
Measure the purity of breathing air from high and low-pressure cylinders and compressors quickly, easily, and accurately with Dräger Aerotest Breathing Air Test Kits.


Dräger Color Diffusion Tubes
Dräger color diffusion tubes allow the user to reliably measure time-weighted average (TWA) concentrations for up to eight hours. Color Diffusion Tubes can be evaluated at any point during a workshift. The calibrated scale printed directly on each tube indicates parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours). No pumps, charts, or analyses are needed.



Chip Measurement System (CMS)
The direct-reading Dräger Chip Measurement System (CMS) combines chemical-specific chips and an electronic analyzer for highly accurate and reliable gas and vapor measurements.


     GASTEC Tubes

The GASTEC GV110 Pump
GASTEC GV110 pump for use with GASTEC color detector tubes


Grab Sample Tubes for GASTEC GV110 Pump
Complete list of GASTEC color detector tubes


Color Dosimeter Tubes

Gastec Color Dosimeter Tubes
GASTEC color dosimeter tubes provide reliable, on-the-spot time-weighted average (TWA) monitoring of worker exposure to gases and vapors. Simple to use and easy to read, snap off the pre-scored end of the tube and insert it into a tube holder. No pump, chart, or analysis is needed. Read the printed calibrated scale on the tube for exposure measurement in parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours)

  Airtec Detector Tubes
The Gastec Airtec Tube is a convenient, economical system for testing the quality of compressed breathing air.

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