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SKC Webinars

SKC webinars are virtual seminars presented by SKC's industrial hygienist, Debbie Dietrich, CIH. Each SKC On Demand Webinar contains valuable information on special topics relevant to occupational and environmental health and safety professionals.

SKC On Demand Webinars Eligible for ABIH CM Points

How to Earn ABIH Industrial Hygiene CM Points
To earn 0.67 IH CM points, view four SKC On Demand Webinars within one calendar year, order the exams at no charge and earn a passing score on all four short exams.

To complete an order form, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, then click on this link to order the exams.

Note: CM points will not be awarded to multiple viewers under one registration and exam order.

Course No. Course Description

W1018 Tools of the Trade for Evaluating Indoor Air (runtime 42:23)

W1019 Advances in Passive Diffusive Samplers (runtime 49:41)

W1020 Sampling for Contaminants of Biological Origin (runtime 34:31)

W1021 Size-selective Sampling of Particulate Matter for Occupational Hygiene (runtime 34:07)

W1022 Vapor Intrusion: An Emerging Indoor Air Issue (runtime 32:28)

W1023 A Primer on Nanoparticles for General Health and Safety Practitioners (runtime 20:54)


SKC On Demand Webinars Without CM Points

Course Description
  Active Sampling for Air Contaminants (runtime 1:02:47)

SKC Podcasts

Access podcasts of special interviews with SKC scientists and staff by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

March 2011 Podcast: Sampling Low-level Contaminants, Debbie Dietrich, CIH (MP3 Audio 8.8 MB)

November 2011 Podcast: Passive Sampling, Linda Coyne (MP3 Audio)

April 2012 Podcast: Real-time Detection Instruments, Doug Dowis (MP3 Audio 11.2 MB)

October 2012 Podcast: The Importance of Sustaining ACGIH TLVs, Debbie Dietrich, CIH (MP3 Audio 24.4 MB)

April 2013 Podcast: New Developments in Dust Samplers (MP3 Audio 20.8 MB)

February 2014: How Will Osha's Proposed Rule For Crystalline Silica Affect Exposure Assessments? Debbie Dietrich, CIH (MP3 Audio 24 mb)

November 2013: The Future Of Occupational Exposure Limits, Debbie Dietrich, CIH (MP3 Audio 22 mb)

October 2013: The Development And Application Of Liquid Crystal Technology In Chemical Sensors, Linda Coyne (MP3 Audio 12 mb)

SKC AIHA Articles

SKC article focusing on what happens when sample media becomes obsolete how alternatives sometimes provide better solutions.

May 2013 Synergist Solutions Article: Silica Hazards: New Concerns and Sampling Options (PDF)

May 2014 Synergist Solutions Article: A Global Focus on the Hazards of Peracetic Acid (PDF)


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