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Air Sampling Filters and Accessories

SKC Air Sampling Filters and Accessories SKC Air Sampling Filters and Accessories

Filter Selection Guide

Filter/Cassette Compatibility Chart
Accessories for Filter Sampling Accessories for Filter Sampling
Filter sampling accessories include Accu-CAP cassette inserts, adapters, calibration jars, cassette blanks, filter cassette holders, filter supports, filter transport accessories, helmet adapter, shrink bands, tubing, and tripods.
Accu-CAP Cassette Inserts
Ideal for sampling fibrous and static dust for gravimetric analysis, the Accu-CAP dome-shaped filter capsule is molded of clear static-dissipative plastic and heat-sealed to a filter Accu-CAP is available for use with an SKC 25- or 37-mm two-piece cassettes with a support pad.
Asbestos Sampling Filter Cassettes
Preloaded MCE filter cassettes for asbestos
Filter Cassette Box Bioaerosol Sampling Filters
Sterilized gelatin filters and PTFE filters for the collection of bioaerosols
Filter Cassette Box Cellulose Filters
Autoclavable, 100% pure, ashless cellulose fiber ideal for gravimetric sampling, collection of organic/inorganic precipitates, and AA and HPLC methods requiring an ashless filter
Coated Filters in Preloaded Cassettes Coated Filters in Preloaded Cassettes
For your convenience, SKC manufactures coated filters for a wide variety of air sampling methods that require chemically treated filters or pads. SKC Coated Filters are shipped inside the cassettes with end plugs and sealing bands in place. No assembly is required; they are ready to use.
Diesel Particulate Matter  Cassette Diesel Particulate Matter: Samplers and Cassettes
Sampling equipment that meets the requirements of NIOSH 5040 or MSHA specifications for sampling Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM)
Filter Cassette Box Gelatin Filters
SKC Gelatin Filters are suitable for the collection and analysis of airborne microbes. Gelatin filters not only reliably retain bacteria but are also highly effective for the collection of viruses. Routinely used to quantitatively collect airborne microorganisms, gelatin filters have an inherent high moisture content that helps to maintain viability of stress-sensitive microorganisms during short sampling periods.
Glass Fiber Depth Filters Glass Fiber Depth Filters
Available with or without binder, high-temperature tolerant, autoclavable, liquid nominal pore size of 1.0 µm, and high particle retention
ISO-CHEK Cassette ISO-CHEK Cassettes: Complete Isocyanate Sampling System
Accurately samples diisocyanates: HDI, MDI, IPDI, HMDI, 2,4-TDI, and 2,6-TDI. The only filter-based sampling system that simultaneously traps and separates both monomers and oligomers; meets the specifications of several ASTM methods
Marple Impactor Filters
SKC offers a selection of specialty glass fiber, MCE, and quartz filters sized and cut to fit the Marple series 290 Personal Cascade Impactor.
Matched-weight Filters Matched-weight Filters
Matched-weight filters are often chosen when using gravimetric analysis to analyze a sample because no filter preweighing or conditioning is needed. Matched-weight refers to two filters that are matched in weight and loaded into a cassette in a strictly controlled lab environment of 68 F (± 0.5 F) temperature and 50% (± 0.5%) humidity.
Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) Filters Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) Filters
The standard filter for most aerosol sampling in industrial hygiene applications, mixed cellulose ester (MCE or MEC) membrane filters are comprised of pure, biologically inert mixtures of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate.
Nano-Neat CR Ultra-pure Low-metal Filters
Ultra-pure Nano-Neat CR low chromium filters are ideal for sampling the low levels of chromium found in the workplace. Ultra-low metal background, meet OSHA and NIOSH specifications, and ideal for AAS and ICP applications
Filter Cassette Box Polycarbonate Filters
Hydrophobic; autoclavable; glass-like surface and straight-through pores for true surface capture of contaminants; strong, thin, and transparent; suitable for gravimetric or microscopic analyses
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) GLA-5000  Filters Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) GLA-5000 Filters
GLA-5000 PVC, hydrophobic; pure homopolymer; low-ash, silica-free; low tare weight for gravimetric analysis
filter cassettes Preweighed PVC Filters
Field surveys for dust exposure can be easily and conveniently performed with preweighed filters. Preweighed to within 5 decimals, the filters are preloaded into cassettes in a strictly controlled lab environment of 68 F (± 0.5 F) temperature and 50% (± 0.5%) humidity.
PTFE Filters PTFE Filters
SKC PTFE filters are strong and completely resistant to acids, bases, and all solvents. Use PTFE filters when sampling in aggressive environments. SKC PTFE filters are temperature-stable to 527 F (275 C).
Quartz Filters Quartz Filters
Autoclavable, binder-free, heat-treated to remove trace organic impurities, high-purity microfibers for collecting diesel particulates and trace-level environmental pollutants
Filter Cassette Box Respicon Sampler Filters
Specialty filters for the Respicon Sampler
Silver Membrane Filters and Cassettes Silver Membrane Filters
SKC silver membrane filters are manufactured entirely of pure metallic silver in a controlled environment. The many desirable properties of silver membranes make them suitable for a wide range of applications.
Solu-CAP Cassette Inserts
Solu-CAP Cassette Insert includes a cellulose acetate dome sealed to a 37-mm 0.8-micron pore size MCE filter preloaded in a 2-piece SKC-manufactured cassette with support. Entire sampler is completely soluble for analysis following NIOSH 7300 digestive procedure. Eliminates cassette wall losses for metals analysis.
Filter Cassette Box Sterilized Filters
Presterilized gelatin filters for the collection of bioaerosols. Gelatin filters not only reliably retain bacteria, but are also highly effective for the collection of viruses. Gelatin filters have an inherent high moisture content that helps to maintain viability of stress-sensitive microorganisms during short sampling periods.

SURE-SEAL Certified Leak-free Cassettes
Through precision molding and a rigorous in-process quality assurance program, SureSeal cassettes are produced to ensure that they will not leak under vacuum. Only cassettes that meet these exacting standards are certified leak-free and carry the SureSeal.

VersaTrap Sampling Cassettes
VersaTrap fits directly onto bioaerosol sampling pumps such as the QuickTake 30 to effectively collect mold spores, pollen, dust, fibers, asbestos, fungi, inorganic particles, and many other IAQ contaminants.

Filter Selection Guide

Filter/Cassette Compatibility Chart

Custom Filters Order Form (PDF)

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