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Portable Instruments


Extech Logo TRAMEX logo

Extech Logo

     Extech Instruments

MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter
The compact MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter operates on electrical resistance to provide instant direct readings of moisture levels in wood and other building materials.


  Tramex Instruments

Survey Encounter Meter 759-101

Pinless Moisture Meters
The Moisture Encounter and Survey Encounter meters measure resistance between two low-frequency signals transmitted from conductive pads that do not harm surfaces.

Concrete Moisture Encounter

Concrete Encounter CMEXpert II
The new handheld CMEXpert II concrete moisture meter instantly measures moisture content up to 7% in concrete, gypsum cement, and other slabs and screeds according to ASTM F 2659 without damaging the surface.

759-104 MRH Moisture/Humidity Meter

759-104 MRH Moisture/Humidity Meter
MRH features a switchable specific gravity adjustment for most wood species and provides relative readings deep into most building materials. Additional accessories are available for determining compliance with ASTM standards F2170-02 and F2420-05.

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