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Indoor Environmental Quality Instruments

Airflow, CO, CO2, RH, temperature, and Light

NIOSH uses the term "Indoor Environmental Quality" (IEQ) to describe the complex blend of elements that make up the indoor environment and the problems that can occur within it. NIOSH investigations show that the occupant complaints stem not only from Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues such as chemical off-gassing form fixtures, equipment and occupants, dusts, and aerosols of microbiological origin, but from comfort elements such as temperature, relative humidity, lighting, ventilation, noise, and vibration. Whether an air quality issue or a comfort issue, all play a role in the productivity of people inhabiting an indoor environment. Measurements of indoor environmental quality factors an help to characterize an indoor environment, pinpoint problem areas, and provide the data needed to put effective controls into place. SKC offers reliable, easy-to-use instruments to provide you with the information you need to maintain not only good indoor air quality, but optimum occupant comfort

Catalog Number
IEQ Parameter Measured Features

Flow Check
Airflow Indicator
Airflow current Environmentally safe smoke; no HazMat charges to ship

Air Current Test Kit
Airflow current Economical, easy-to-use

EVM-7 and EVM-4

VOCs, CO2, Dust, Temperature, Humidity, CO EVM series monitors measure and log multiple IEQ parameters with one instrument

3800 condensation particle counter

Particles, including nanoparticles

Measures particles as small as 15 nanometers (0.015 micron)
Concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3

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