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Surface Sampling

Lead and Surface Metals

Full Disclosure Wipes: The Instant Wipe Method for the Presence of Lead Full Disclosure Wipes (lead)
The SKC Full Disclosure Wipe Kit (Qualitative) contains everything needed for instant detection of the presence of lead on skin and surfaces. Unlike existing lead detection systems, Full Disclosure can be used on human skin, including the face, and on surfaces without damage because the test reagents never touch the test surface.
Ghost Wipes Ghost Wipes (lead and other metals)
SKC Ghost Wipes for surface lead or surface dust sampling meet ASTM E1792 specifications and the new AIHA policy on sampling materials for lead in surface dust.
Each LeadCheck swab contains the materials required for a rapid screening test to detect lead (Pb) concentrations as low as 1 µg on solid surfaces and 2ppm in liquids.
Wipe Sample Test Kit Wipe Sample Test Kit (surface metals and chemicals)
The SKC Wipe Sample Test Kit provides the Industrial Hygienist with the necessary supplies to sample surfaces for toxic materials.
smear tabs Smear Tabs
Low-ash, acid-hardened paper Smear Tabs are designed for collecting samples on surfaces where dust and chemicals have settled. SKC Smear Tabs are specified in OSHA ID-145 for wipe sampling of particulate mercury.
  Templates for Surface Sampling
Templates are available in several sizes including 1 x 1 inch for HUD Lead Guidelines.
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