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Capture Hood Capture Hood

The Kanomax TABmaster Capture Hood is an effective tool for evaluations of airflow at supply and exhaust points during HVAC testing. The capture hood fits tightly over the air port to eliminate any leakage that could affect measurement accuracy.

Solu-CAP Cassette Inserts Solu-CAP Cassette Inserts

Solu-CAP Cassette Insert includes a cellulose acetate dome sealed to a 37-mm 0.8-micron pore size MCE filter preloaded in a 2-piece SKC-manufactured cassette with support. Entire sampler is completely soluble for analysis following NIOSH 7300 digestive procedure. Eliminates cassette wall losses for metals analysis. (pkg/50)

UME<sup>x</sup> 300 Passive Sampler UMEx 300 Passive Sampler

The SKC UMEx 300 Passive Sampler accurately and reliably samples workplace exposure to ammonia. With its 39.92 ml/min sampling rate, the sensitive UMEx 300 detects ammonia to 2.4 ppm for a 15-minute sample, 0.075 ppm for an eight-hour sample, and 0.025 ppm for a 24-hour sample. Each sampler contains a length of sulfuric acid-treated tape and a blank/correction section of tape built into the sampler. Analysis is by ion chromatography (IC) with conductivity detection for the ammonium ion.

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