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Gas and Vapor Sampling

Passive Sampling

SKC Passive (Diffusive) Sampler VOC Chek 575 Passive Sampler
SKC passive samplers are small "badges" that collect organic vapors without the use of a pump. Individual chemicals simply diffuse from the atmosphere into the sampler at a fixed rate. SKC has scientifically validated the sampling rate of the VOC Chek 575 Series passive samplers along with other critical sampling parameters to provide you with documented proof of reliability.

ULTRA III — Provides results comparable to canisters for EPA Method TO-15

SKC introduces ULTRA III Passive Samplers — the creative evolution of indoor and ambient air sampling. The patented ULTRA III samples by diffusion and provides low ppb to ppt detection of compounds, including semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). ULTRA III Passive Samplers are an economical alternative to SUMMA canisters for EPA TO-15 sampling and show excellent sampling correlation in side-by-side studies with canisters. Operation is as easy as sliding the cover open to start sampling and closing it to stop sampling.

UME<SUP>X</SUP>  Passive Sampler for Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Passive Sampler: UMEX 100
The UMEX 100 Passive Sampler for formaldehyde was developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Working Life in Umea, Sweden. Constructed of tough polypropylene, the UMEX 100 contains a tape impregnated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) for reliable collection of formaldehyde.
UME<SUP>X</SUP>  Passive Sampler for Amines Ammonia Passive Sampler: UMEX 300
The UMEX 300 Passive Sampler accurately and reliably samples workplace exposure to ammonia. With its 39.92 ml/min sampling rate, the sensitive UMEx 300 detects ammonia to 2.4 ppm for a 15-minute sample, 0.075 ppm for an eight-hour sample, and 0.025 ppm for a 24-hour sample
UME<SUP>X</SUP>  Passive Sampler for Amines Amines Passive Sampler: UMEX 400
TConstructed of tough polypropylene, the UMEX 400 contains a tape impregnated with 1-naphthyl-isothiocyanate (NITC) for reliable collection of amines.
UME<SUP>X</SUP>  Passive Sampler for Amines Sulfur Dioxide/Nitrogen Dioxide Passive Sampler: UMEX 200
The SKC UMEX 200 Passive Sampler effectively collects sulfur dioxide (SO2) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The sample medium (tape impregnated with triethanolamine [TEA]) and a "blank/correction" section of tape are contained in one sampler saving time and money. The lightweight UMEX 200 clips in the breathing zone for easy personal sampling.
Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler
The SKC Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler efficiently collects ethylene oxide in hospitals, veterinary clinics, instrument manufacturing facilities, or wherever ethylene oxide is used. As with all SKC passive samplers, the SKC Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler has undergone extensive testing. Packed with a specially treated sorbent, this passive sampler provides superior collection of ethylene oxide.
Formaldehyde Passive Sampler Badge Formaldehyde Passive Sampler for Personal Air Sampling
The Personal Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is designed to accurately measure personal exposures to formaldehyde. With accuracies of at least ± 25%, these devices can be used for OSHA compliance monitoring for either eight-hour PELs or 15-minute STELs. The measuring range of the eight-hour PEL sampler is 0.2 to 2 ppm and the range of the STEL sampler is 0.5 to 6 ppm.
Indoor Air Passive Sampler Formaldehyde Passive Sampler: Indoor Air Sampling
The Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is the only device specifically designed for accurate indoor measurements of low formaldehyde levels in the home, office, or industrial environment over a 5 to 7-day period. The sampler is inexpensive, accurate, and field validated by the Indoor Air Quality Program, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories at the University of California, Berkeley. The sampler is the first of its kind requiring no special equipment or trained personnel for sampling.
SKC Passive (Diffusive) Sampler

Hydrogen Cyanide Passive Sampler
SKC introduces the Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Passive Sampler specified in new OSHA Method 1015. The HCN sampler operates at a sampling rate of 28.4 ml/min and provides accurate HCN exposure results.

Inorganic Mercury Vapor Badges  520-03 Inorganic Mercury Vapor Badges
The 520 Series Inorganic Mercury Sampler measures worker exposure levels as a time-weighted average (TWA) and permits the positive analysis of inorganic mercury vapor. The SKC inorganic mercury sampler is designed for analysis using standard laboratory equipment and validated by OSHA Method ID 140.

Nitrous Oxide Passive Sampler
The SKC Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Passive Sampler provides accurate and reliable sampling of nitrous oxide in the 50 to 450 ppm range (12.75 to 890 ppm-hrs dose range) for 15 minutes to 8 hours. The sampler clips easily to employee clothing in the breathing zone and does not interfere with activities.


ClearSense H2S
The ClearSense H2S direct-read dosimeter badge passively monitors personal exposure to hydrogen sulfide at a lower limit of detection of 0.2 ppm for TWA (1.6 ppm-hours dose) and 5 ppm for STEL. Exposure indication can be read on the spot using the ClearSense H2S Pocket Viewer. Precise quantitative measurements can be read with the ClearSense H2S Dosimeter Reader and your PC.


Draeger Color Diffusion Tubes 800-series


Color Diffusion Tubes (Dräger)
Dräger Color Diffusion Tubes allow the user to reliably measure time-weighted average (TWA) concentrations for up to eight hours. Color Diffusion Tubes can be evaluated at any point during a workshift. The calibrated scale printed directly on each tube indicates parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours). No pumps, charts, or analyses are needed.
Gastec Color Dosimeter Tubes
Color Dosimeter Tubes (Gastec)
GASTEC Color Dosimeter Tubes provide reliable, on-the-spot time-weighted average (TWA) monitoring of worker exposure to gases and vapors. Simple to use and easy to read, snap off the pre-scored end of the tube and insert it into a tube holder. No pump, chart, or analysis is needed. Read the printed calibrated scale on the tube for exposure measurement in parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours).

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