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Quartz Depth Filters

Quarts Filter Fibers SEM view

Autoclavable, binder-free, heat-treated to remove trace organic impurities, high-purity microfibers for collecting diesel particulates and trace-level environmental pollutants.

  • Superior purity for collection of elemental/organic carbon, DPM, and trace-level contaminants
    • Heat-treated to reduce trace organics
    • Low-metal background
    • Binder-free

  • High flow rate and filtration efficiency

  • Withstand temperature up to 1832 F (1000 C)

  • Specified in NIOSH Method 5040 for Elemental Carbon (Diesel Particulates)

Ordering Information        
Diameter (mm) Support Pad Description Qty. Cat. No.
25 No 1.2 µm nominal pore size, Type R-100, 380 µm thick, binder-free 100 225-1824
25 No Tissuquartz ™, 432 µm thick, for sampling up to 1093C 100 225-1825
37 No Type R-100, 380 µm thick, binder-free 100 225-1827
37 No Tissuquartz, 432 µm thick, for sampling up to 1093C 25 225-1822
47 No Type R-100, 380 µm thick, binder-free 100 225-1830
47 No Tissuquartz, 432 µm thick, for sampling up to 1093C 25 225-1823
102 No Tissuquartz, 432 µm thick, for sampling up to 1093C 25 225-1821
8 x 10 inches No Tissuquartz, 432 µm thick, for sampling up to 1093C 25 225-1820

Filter/Cassette Solvent Compatibility Chart (PDF)

Preloaded Quartz Filters

All SKC preloaded filters include supports and are in SureSeal leak-free cassettes that require a SureSeal Cassette Opener.

Ordering Information          
Diameter Filter and Cassette Specifications Qty. Cat. No.
37 mm Quartz, heat treated; Meet NIOSH 5040 specifications 50 225-401

Specialty Quartz Filters for the Marple Impactor
SKC offers a selection of specialty filters sized and cut to fit the Marple Series 290 Personal Cascade Impactor

Specialty Quartz Filters 
Diameter (mm) Pore Size
(µm) *

Support Pad Notes Qty. Cat. No.
34 - No Quartz Filters Type R-100, with slits for Marple Impactor™, HT, binder-free (special diameter filter) 50 225-1826

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A typical filter will have a rough side and a shiny side. The shiny side is easier to read under a microscope, therefore, expose the shiny side to the air for microscopic analysis. The rough side holds dust more effectively; expose the rough side for gravimetric analysis.

Filter/Cassette Solvent Compatibility Chart (HTML)

Filter/Cassette Solvent Compatibility Chart (PDF)


Custom Filters Available
For specific applications, SKC will manufacture filters to meet your specific requirements. Download the Custom Filter Order Form in PDF format. Complete the form and fax it to your SKC representative or contact your SKC representative or call the SKC Sales Department at 724-941-9701 for more information.

Custom Filters Order Forms (PDF)

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