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Sorbent Tube for
Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide

226-177 callouts 226-177 tube

This SKC sorbent tube is designed to meet the specifications of OSHA Method 1008 for hydrogen sulfide and OSHA Method 1011 for Sulfur Dioxide. These methods specify a tube comprised of an uncoated glass fiber filter, a sodium carbonate-coated glass fiber filter, and 2 sections of silver nitrate-coated silica gel sorbent. The uncoated filter scrubs particulates, the coated filter collects sulfur dioxide, and the sorbent material traps hydrogen sulfide.

This tube is available from SKC as Cat. No. 226-177. Both OSHA methods specify a maximum flow rate of 500 ml/min and sample times from 10 to 240 minutes (OSHA 1008) and 15 to 240 minutes (OSHA 1011). Samples are analyzed by ion chromatography using a conductivity detector.

Description Qty. Cat. No
Hydrogen Sulfide Tube, 2 sections of 200 mg silver nitrate-coated silica gel and a glass fiber filter coated with sodium carbonate/glycerol in a 16 to 8-mm OD x 85 mm L open-ended glass tube 5 226-177

226-177 Hydrogen Sulfide Sorbent Tubes Laboratory Refenence List
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