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SKC celebrates Tedlar return
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Classic Tedlar Bags for VOCs
The Flexibility of Dual Stainless Steel Fittings
Convenient and Economical Single Polypropylene Fitting

  • Made of clean top-grade clear Tedlar® film for sample integrity and valid data
  • Resist gas permeation both into and out of the bag

  • Choose your fitting
    • Single combined polypropylene hose/valve and septum for economy and light weight
    • Dual stainless steel for sampling flexibility
    • Reliable, inert stainless steel fitting construction prevents leakage

  • Stocked in a variety of sizes

  • TCLP Tedlar Bags

  • Custom bags available for your application

  • Breath-gas analysis bags for end-exhaled air determined BEIs

Tedlar Bags Image
Available with these fittings:
Single Polypropylene Fitting
Single Polypropylene
Dual Stainless Steel Fitting
Dual Stainless Steel


Tedlar Bag Performance Profile

Background Moderately low VOC
Stability Good for a wide variety of VOCs, CO, CO2, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)
Thickness 2 mil
Sample Pump Grab Air or Twin Port Pocket Pump
Analysis Multiple


Chemically inert Tedlar film will not react with or alter the composition of a wide range of collected chemicals to assure sample integrity.

Tedlar Bags with Single Polypropylene Fittings
Fitting Maximum Capacity
Qty. Cat. No.

Single Polypropylene Fitting
Single Polypropylene
0.5 pk/10 232-02
ea 232-02A
(Fits small Vac-U-Chamber Cat. No. 231-940)
pk/10 232-01
ea 232-01A
3 pk/10 232-03
ea 232-03A
5 pk/10 232-05
ea 232-05A

(Fits large Vac-U-Chamber Cat. No. 231-939)

pk/10 232-939
(Fits extra large Vac-U-Chamber Cat. No. 231-944)
pk/10 232-10
(Fits jumbo Vac-U-Chamber Cat. No. 231-946)
pk/5 232-25
50 pk/5 232-50
75 pk/5 232-75
100 pk/3 232-100
(Fits Vac-U-Tube Cat. No. 231-945)
pk/10 232-945A
Replacement Septa
pk/10 232-01-RS

Tedlar Bag with Single Stainless Steel Septum Fitting (attaches to the ZHE) for EPA TCLP Method

Maximum Capacity

Qty. Cat. No.

Single Stainless Steel Septum Fitting
Single Stainless Steel Septum
1 pk/10 231-01-TCLP
Stainless Steel Adapter, for use with ZHE, required
ea 231-01-ZHE

Tedlar Bags with Dual Stainless Steel Fittings
Fitting Maximum Capacity
Qty. Cat. No.

Dual Stainless Steel Fitting
Dual Stainless Steel
pk/10 231-01
ea 231-01A
pk/10 231-03
pk/10 231-05
ea 231-05A
pk/10 231-10
pk/5 231-25
pk/5 231-50
pk/5 231-75
pk/3 231-100
Replacement Septa pk/10 231-9-04
Dual Stainless Steel Fitted Bag Operating Instructions (PDF)

Tedlar Breath-gas Analysis Bags
SKC Breath-gas Analysis Bags are ideal for collecting samples of human breath to be analyzed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), possible biomarkers for some diseases. Each sample bag contains a specially designed stainless steel fitting with disposable plastic mouthpiece that facilitates collecting human breath samples and removing the sample for gas chromatography (GC) analysis. SKC Breath-gas Analysis Bags are offered in Tedlar (below), FlexFoil PLUS , and SamplePro FlexFilm . See the Bag Stability Report (PDF) for information on bag material stability.

Fitting Maximum Capacity (liter) Qty. Cat. No.
Breath-gas Analysis Bag Fitting
Replacement Mouthpieces
  Breath-gas Analysis Bags Operating Instructions (PDF)

MSDS — Tedlar (PDF)

Sample Bag FAQs

SKC Custom Sample Bag Order Form (PDF)

Sample Bag Brochure (PDF)

Operating Instructions

Single Polypropylene Fitted Bag (PDF)

Dual Stainless Steel Fitted Bag (PDF)

Single Stainless Steel Septum Fitted TCLP Bag (PDF)

Bag Accessories

SKC Low Flow Pump 222 Series
SKC 222 Series low flow personal sample pumps with NiCad battery. Flow range: 50 to 200 ml/min

SKC Grab Air Bag Sampling Pump
Designed to fill sample bags at 1 L/min. Collects approximately 1000 liters volume on one battery. Recommended for use with sample bags up to 10-liter size
Vac-U-Chamber The SKC Vac-U-Chamber™
The SKC Vac-U-Chamber is a rigid air sample box allowing the direct filling of an air sample bag using negative pressure provided by most personal air sampling pumps.
Vac-U- Tube The SKC Vac-U-Tube™
An easy way to take quick bag samples, the SKC Vac-U-Tube is an acrylic syringe with a removable face plate that allows a specially designed 0.7-liter FlexFilm (Cat. No. 236-945A) bag to be placed inside.
Tubing PTFE Tubing
Use only PTFE tubing for bag sampling to prevent loss through adsorption to the tubing surface.

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