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Quickly Identify Meth Residue Hot Spots

Colorimetric Qualitative Wipe Kit

Fast on-site reliable results

Quick test for gross contamination at >15 µg

Easy — no training needed

Economical — multiple-test kit

Developed by CDC-NIOSH

MethAlert Kit 560-001 for  detecting methamphetamine residue on surfaces

MethAlert provides the fast answers you need to make field decisions on the spot. Quickly identify meth residue hot spots from 15 to 5000 µg/100 cm2 with the easy MethAlert colorimetric wipe test. Simply wet, wipe, spray, and observe for color change. MethAlert is ideal for use in multiunit buildings, inside rooms near the meth cooking area, and as a quick check during remediation.

How to Use MethAlert*

MethAlert Step 1: Wet MethAlert Step 2: Wipe
MethAlert Step 3: Spray MethAlert Step 4: Observe
MethAlert Kit Colorimetric Wipe Kit Contents
  • Step 1 Wetting Agent
  • Step 2 Developer
  • Step 3 Developer
  • Spray nozzles
  • Complete Operating Instructions
  • Quick Guide instructions
  • MSDS
  • Test packets, each in a resealable bag containing 1 each:
    • Gauze pad
    • Tray
    • Pair disposable gloves
    • 10 x 10-cm disposable template
    • Paper for prep area
    • Wax paper

Ordering Information

Range of ID
Cat. No.
MethAlert Colorimetric Wipe Kit 15 to 5000 µg/100 cm2 12 tests 560-001
Note: Kits ship overnight. Reagents are cold-packed during shipping and must be kept in a refrigerator or a cooler when not in use. Avoid exposing reagents to temperatures above normal room temperature.

Call SKC Inc at 800-752-8472 for large volume discounts.

MethAlert Flysheet (PDF)

MethAlert Operating Instructions (PDF)

MSDS — SKC MethAlert Step 1 Wetting Agent (PDF)

MSDS — SKC MethAlert Step 2 Developer (PDF)

MSDS — SKC MethAlert Step 3 Developer (PDF)

Technical Note: Conformance of MethAlert to NIJ Standard-0604.1

View MethAlert Video Instruction in your browser

Download Full MethAlert Video (14 MB zipped wmv file)

* MethAlert is a colorimetric test that detects the presence of methamphetamine residue on surfaces from 15 to 5000 micrograms/100 cm2. Results should not be used for clearance purposes.

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