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Passive Samplers for PPM-level Organic Vapors

575 series on sale
Passive Sampler Downloads
A diffusion barrier maintains sample uptake by molecular diffusion independent of wind velocity. The sorbent is chosen to best collect the chemical hazards of interest.

SKC Passive Samplers
SKC passive samplers are small samplers that collect organic vapors without the use of a pump. Individual chemicals simply diffuse from the atmosphere into the sampler at a fixed rate. SKC has scientifically validated the sampling rate of the 575 Series passive samplers along with other critical sampling parameters to meet OSHA/ASTM/ANSI requirements. SKC 575 Series Passive Samplers are identified as a viable alternative to active sampling in seven OSHA methods.
  • Highly accurate and reliable
    • Proven performers in the laboratory and in the field

  • Save time and money
    • Collect most compounds with one sampler for up to a full 8-hour workshift eliminating multiple trips to the worksite
    • One sampler + one analysis = money saved
    • Economical solvent desorption and GC analysis

  • Variety of samplers available
    • Only SKC offers a choice of sorbents to better target specific contaminants
    • Proper sorbent selection means no reverse diffusion

  • Superior collection efficiency
    • SKC sorbents have a larger surface area for higher capacities
    • Samplers contain >300 mg of sorbent — much more than other brands

  • Sampling flexibility
    • Validated for short-term and 8-hour sampling
    • Suitable for 24-hour indoor air sampling for some compounds

  • Proven results
  • So easy to use!
    • No pump or training required

  • Meet ASTM D6246-08 and ANSI/ISEA 104-1998(r 2009) standards

  • Identified as viable alternative to active sampling in seven OSHA methods


Full-shift Sampling with only ONE sampler

SKC 575 Series Passive Samplers are validated for a full 8 hours, that's TWICE the limit value! This assures the integrity of the sampler, so you only need ONE sampler to get a true 8-hour TWA!

Using an SKC Passive Sampler is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Remove sampler from pouch.

1. Remove sampler from pouch.

Record start time, remove cap, and attach to a worker or at a location.

2. Record start time, remove cap, and attach to a worker or at a location.

Stop sampling by replacing cap and record stop time.

3. Stop sampling by replacing cap and record stop time.
            Send the sampler to an accredited laboratory for analysis.


575 Series Passive Samplers Validated to NIOSH Protocol 1

For compliance sampling, it is recommended that only passive samplers with full or bi-level validation be used. Passive samplers with lower levels of validation may be used only if verified by validated sorbent sample tube methods.

Passive sampling is quite different from active sampling with sorbent tubes. With this fact in mind, NIOSH established validation protocols for evaluating the performance of passive samplers. 1   Protocol validation was developed so that manufacturers could produce passive samplers that reliably assess airborne levels.

Validation Levels
Passive monitor has passed all NIOSH protocol validation requirements for sampling rate, desorption efficiency, humidity effects, reverse diffusion, storage stability test for reactive compounds whose stability is suspect, and a factorial study that includes interfering compounds. This is the most rigorous test possible and includes all parameters that can affect sampling accuracy (formerly referred to as Level 5).

A key member of an homologous series has passed full validation and all other members have passed partial. The validity of this has been shown by Guild et al. 2  (formerly referred to as Level 5B).

Passive monitor has passed NIOSH protocol requirements for sampling rate, desorption efficiency, humidity effects, reverse diffusion, and storage stability test for reactive compounds. Partial validations are not recommended for compliance sampling.

Uptake rate that is calculated from the physical properties of the analyte and geometry of the sampler. Calculated rates are not based upon direct laboratory testing of the analyte with the sampler. Calculated validations are not recommended for compliance sampling.

About OSHA Testing
After extensive testing on the sampling rate variations among diffusive samplers, OSHA has released the following methods that specify diffusive (passive) samplers including SKC Cat. No. 575-002:
  • Toluene — Method 111 (1998)
  • Tetrachloroethylene and Trichloroethylene — Method 1001 (1999)
  • Xylenes and Ethylbenzene — Method 1002 (1999)
  • 2-Butanone (MEK) and Hexone (MIBK) — Method 1004 (2000)
  • Benzene — Method 1005 (2002)
  • Butyl acetates — Method 1009 (2007)
  • Styrene — Method 1014 (2009)

OSHA continues its work on passive method development based on the premise that diffusive samplers are a viable alternative to tube/pump sampling.

Transferable Sorbent Passive Sampler
SKC introduces a 575 Series passive sampler option. The new 579 Series passive samplers are designed to allow sorbent to be transferred from the sampler housing into a standard laboratory vial for solvent extraction and analysis. This design provides convenience for laboratories using gas chromatographs with auto samplers.

575 Passive Sampler Ordering Information

 575 Series Passive Samplers include single-section sorbent tubes for desorption efficiency studies.

  Complete instructions are included with each sampler package

Description Sorbent
Qty. Cat. No.
Passive Sampler for Organic Vapor Charcoal
(350 mg)
5 575-001
25 575-001A
100 575-001B
500 575-001C
Passive Sampler for Organic Vapor Anasorb® 747
(500 mg)
5 575-002
25 575-002A
100 575-002B
500 575-002C
Passive Sampler for Styrene
Anasorb 747
coated with
tert-butyl catechol
(500 mg)
5 575-006

SKC Passive Sampler for Ethylene Oxide

  • Uses same sorbent as active OSHA Method 1010
  • Fully validated and documented performance
  • 8-hour and 15-minute sampling
  • Small. lightweight, and easy to use — no pump required
  • Ideal for hospitals, veterinary clinics, and sterile instrument manufacturers


Description Sorbent
Qty. Cat. No.
Passive Sampler for Ethylene Oxide Anasorb 747 coated with hydrobromic acid
(500 mg)
5 575-005
25 575-005A
100 575-005C

See the Passive Sampling Guide for sampling rates.

Passive Sampling Guide

575 Series Passive Samplers for Organic Vapors Operating Instructions (PDF)

575 Series Passive Sampler Analysis Instructions (PDF)

575-006 Passive Sampler for Styrene Operating Instructions (PDF)

Passive Sampler Research Reports

Long-term Indoor/Ambient Air Validation Report

Passive Samplers Meet CEN 838 Diffusive Sampler Evaluation Protocols

List of Laboratories for Analyzing 575 Passive Samplers

Monitor Pasivo para Vapores Orgánicos Español Folleto

575 Series Passive Samplers Specified in OSHA Diffusive Methods
OSHA specifies SKC 575 Series diffusive (passive) samplers as a viable alternative to active sampling in six OSHA diffusive methods. OSHA continues its work on diffusive method development.

OSHA Method 111 for Toluene

OSHA Method 1001 for Tetrachloroethylene and Trichlorethylene

OSHA Method 1002 for Xylenes and Ethylbenzene

OSHA Method 1004 for 2-Butanone (MEK) and Hexone (MIBK)

OSHA Method 1005 for Benzene

OSHA Method 1009 for Butyl Acetates

OSHA Method 1014 for Styrene

For a listing of laboratories in the U.S. and Canada that analyze Passive Samplers, see the 575 Series Passive Samplers Analytical Laboratories Reference List.

Custom Passive Samplers Available
For specific applications, SKC will manufacture samplers to meet your specific requirements. Download the Custom Passive Sampler Order Form in PDF format. Complete the form and fax it to your SKC representative, contact your SKC representative, or call the SKC Sales Department at 724-941-9701 for more information.

Custom Passive Sampler Order Form (PDF)

Cassinelli, M.E., Hull, R.D., Crable, J.V. and Teass, A.W., "Diffusive Sampling: An Alternative to Workplace Air Monitoring," A. Berlin, R.H. Brown and K.J. Saunders (Royal Society of Chemistry, London) (eds.), NIOSH Protocol for the Evaluation of Passive Monitors, 1987, pp 190-202.

Guild, L.V., Myrmel, K.H., Myers, G. and Dietrich, D.F., "Bi-Level Passive Monitor Validation: A Reliable Way of Assuring Sampling Accuracy for a Larger Number of Related Chemical Hazards" Appl. Occup. Environ. Hyg., Vol 7, No. 5, May 1992, pp. 310-317. Reprints available from SKC! Email your mailing address to SKC Inc at

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