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Condensation Particle Counter
Handheld Screening Tool for Nano-Size Particles

745-3800 Kanomax Kanomax 3800 condensation particle counter

  • Measures particles from 15 nanometers (0.015 micron) to 1 micron

  • Concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3

  • Lightweight for easy portability and handling
    • Only 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg)

  • Easy-to-read LCD

  • Programmable datalogging capabilities

  • Easy data download to PC via USB

  • Windows-based measuring software included
    • Simultaneously receive data and display/graph in real time
    • Export data as text

  • Alkaline battery or AC power
    • Rechargeable NIMH option available

Kanomax 3800 Handheld Condensation Particle Counter Spec. Sheet (PDF)

The handheld Kanomax 3800 Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) is an ideal tool for indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and occupational health applications (see Applications below). With a measuring range of 15 nanometers to > 1 micron and a flow rate of 700 ml/min, the 3800 CPC is sensitive enough to detect nano-size particles in a concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles per cubic centimeter. The 3800 CPC operates up to five hours without refilling. View measurements on the large LCD while data records in internal memory. Download data to a PC using the included Windows®-based software and cable. Export data into standard calculation software such as Microsoft® Excel® for easy graphing and reporting.

About the Software
The 3800 CPC includes Windows-based measuring software. Simultaneously receive data and display/graph in real time. Measurement data can be saved as text for export into standard calculation software such as Microsoft Excel. The software requires Windows 2000 or XP, a Pentium-equivalent or faster CPU, 64+ MB RAM or higher, 40 MB free hard-drive space, USB port, and a CD-ROM drive.

745-3800 Kanomax 3800 Software

3800 CPC Applications

  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Occupational health control
  • Aerosol research
  • Filter testing
  • Environmental testing for:
    • Diesel engine exhaust
    • Gasket leakage

Performance Profile
Particle Size Measurement 0.015 to 1 m
Concentration Range 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3
Counting Efficiency 50 nm: 100% 20%; 15 nm: more than 50%
Coincidental Loss < 5% at 100,000 particles/cm3
Zero Count Level <1 count per 5 minutes
Flow Rate Aerosol Flow 100 ml/min
Flow Rate Total Flow 700 ml/min
Alcohol Supply Type 100% reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol
Alcohol Supply Hours per Fill 5 hours at 73 F (23 C)
Absolute Pressure Sensor 150 to 1150 hPa
Mode of Measurements Repeat/Program/Counter
Display Built-in LCD (128 x 64 dots)
Interface USB
Data Storage Maximum 10,000 measurements
Power Supply Type 6 AA-size alkaline batteries (included); rechargeable NiMH available
AC adapter (100-240 V, included)
Power Supply Operating Time Approximately 5 hrs with alkaline
Approximately 8 hrs with NiMH
Environmental Operation Condition
Ambient Temperature Range
50 to 95 F (10 to 35 C)
Dimensions 11 x 4.7 x 5.1 in (28 x 12 x 13 cm)
Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) without batteries
Software Requirements: Windows 2000 or XP, Pentium-equivalent or faster CPU, 64+MB RAM, 40 MB free hard-drive space, USB port, and CD-ROM drive

NIOSH Strategy for Evaluating Exposures to Nanoparticles
In Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology, NIOSH recommends direct-reading instruments and filter sampling with lab analysis to obtain particle number, size, and shape, degree of agglomeration, and mass concentration of elemental constituents in nanoparticles. Direct-reading instruments include both optical particle counters (OPCs) and condensation particle counters (CPCs) such as the Kanomax 3800. In addition, if the OPC indicates 50% of particles are > 1000 nm in size, use a size-selective sampling device with filter cassette such as a respirable cyclone or impactor to scrub out larger particles.

Ordering Information
Cat. No.
3800 Condensation Particle Counter includes instrument with 6 AA-size alkaline batteries, AC adapter (100-240 V), zero filter, USB cable, software, hard carry case, calibration certificate, and instructions. Software requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7, USB port, and CD-Rom drive
Printer Cable

Kanomax 3800 Handheld Condensation Particle Counter Spec. Sheet (PDF)

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