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SKC Products

Browse the product headings below to find the specific SKC product. If you know exactly what you are looking for go to the SKC Comprehensive Product List, or try the internal search engine.

Comprehensive SKC Online Product List
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Sampling Pumps & Accessories

Air Sampling Pumps

Sampling Pumps — Personal
Sampling Pumps — Area
Pump Accessories (Chargers, Calibrators, Flowmeters, Parts)
DataTrac Software

Gas & Vapor Sampling — Active

Sorbent Sample Tubes
Sorbent Tube Holders and Accessories
Bulk Sorbents
Impingers (glass bubblers)
Sample Bags and Accessories
Coated Filters

Color Detector Tubes and Pumps

Gas & Vapor Sampling — Passive

Passive (Diffusive) Samplers
Passive Sampling Guide
Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler
Nitrous Oxide Passive Sampler
Ultra III Passive Sampler
UMEX Passive Samplers for Formaldehyde
UMEX Passive Samplers for Sulfur Dioxide/Nitrogen Dioxide
UMEX Passive Samplers for Amines

Particulate Sampling

Filters and Accessories
Filter List
Filter Selection Guide
Diesel Particulate Monitor (DPM) Cassettes
Asbestos Cassettes
Bioaerosol Sampling Filters
DPS (Deployable Particulate Sampler ) System
DCS (Deployable Cartridge Sampler) System
Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI)
Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) , Disposable
VersaTrap Sampling Cassette
Particle Size-selective Samplers (Cyclones, IOM, Impactors, Dust Samplers)
Particle Size-selective Sampling Guide

Bioaerosol Sampling

Bioaerosol Sampling Equipment
Guide to Sampling Particles of Biological Origin
BioStage Impactor
Carpet Sampling Pump Kit
Bioaerosol Sampling Filters
Moisture Meters
Sterile Surface Swabs
Sterilized Filters
Stick-to-it: Lift tape for Surface Sampling
Surface Sampling Equipment
VersaTrap Sampling Cassette

Portable Instruments

Air Test Kits (Air Flow and IAQ Test Kits)
IAQ and IEQ Guide
Gas Detectors
Heat Stress and Thermal Enviroment Monitors
Humidity and Moisture
Noise Dosimeters and Sound Level Meters

Specialty Sampling

Detection of Lead and Other Metals on Skin and Surfaces
Detection of Methamphetamine Residue on Surfaces
Air Test Kits (Air Flow and IAQ Test Kits)
LEED Testing Equipment
Soil Sampling
Training and Reference Materials, Software
Custom Equipment Request Forms

Surface Sampling and Decontamination

Lead Surface Sampling and Decontamination
    Full Disclosure ® Lead Wipes
    Ghost Wipes
Biological Surface Sampling
    Sterile Swab Kit
    Stick-to-it . Lift tape for Surface Sampling
Meth Residue Test Kits
    MethAlert Meth Residue Test Kit
    MethChek Meth Residue Test Kit
Surface Sampling — Lead, Nickel, Cadmium
Wipe Sample Kit
Templates for Surface Sampling
Smear Tabs

Reference and Training

Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory Multimedia Training Program
SKC Industry Sampling Guides
Sample Setup Guides: by Chemical Hazard
Chemical Fact Files ®
SKC Video Presentations on CDROM
PowerPoint Presentations
Industrial Hygiene Workbooks
Training Support — Contact SKC for Details

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