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References for the Industrial Hygienist

Click on a link below to learn more about the reference and training materials from SKC.

Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory Multimedia Training Program

The Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory (IHVL)* training program allows novice industrial hygiene students to independently learn many hands-on aspects of industrial hygiene and provides information on real-world industrial hygiene applications and techniques. It is conducive to student concentration on key lesson concepts and it can even be used for web-based course work. IHVL is also suitable for industrial hygienists who want to brush up on theory and technique. The first fully interactive, university tested and validated virtual laboratory in industrial hygiene, IHVL is self-paced and provides for effective learning.

* IHVL was created by Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., CIH, CSP, an Assistant Professor of Industrial Hygiene at Ohio University.

Description Cat. No.
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, single license, User's Guide included on CD
Not supported for network environment
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, 2 users,
User's Guide included on CD
Not supported for network environment
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, 3 - 4 users,
User's Guide included on CD
Not supported for network environment
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, 5 - 9 users,
User's Guide included on CD
Not supported for network environment
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, 10 - 15 users,
User's Guide included on CD
Not supported for network environment
Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory*, CD, unlimited users,
User's Guide included on CD

Not supported for network environment

Sample Setup Guides: Step-By-Step Air Sampling Procedures
Each illustrated guide lists all equipment needed and provides step-by-step instructions for performing the specified task in straightforward, easy-to-read language. Ideal for classes, training, general or field reference, and setting up standard operating procedures. Each guide includes sampling instructions for various sampling techniques.

SKC Industry Sampling Guides
SKC Industry Sampling Guides are industry-specific guides that help safety and health personnel understand the chemical hazards in their work places and the methods to sample for them. Each industry-specific guide contains:

  1. A statement of the problems and contaminants
  2. Sources of further information
  3. The main chemical hazards along with where they typically exist in the industrial process, health effects, and current regulatory standards
  4. Reference to SKC Chemical Fact Files® and other publications

Chemical Fact Files ®
Provide the "how-to" of sampling for specific chemicals using NIOSH, OSHA, EPA, or ASTM methods. Each Chemical Fact File includes equipment requirements, sampling parameters, exposure limits, and sampling instructions.


SKC Video Presentations

Computer Presentations
Authored by SKC's Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), SKC quality training modules and presentations make it easy to learn about topics such as sampling gases and vapors, bioaerosols, and sampling strategies. Each colorful module is produced in Microsoft PowerPoint® Software to allow you to view presentations on a computer screen or create overheads, 35-mm slides, or hardcopy printouts.
Cat. No.
Recognition, Evaluation, And Control Of Surface Contamination And Dermal Hazards
Authored by SKC's Certified Industrial Hygienist, this highly informative PowerPoint presentation provides an invaluable information source on surface and dermal hazards. PowerPoint
50 Common Pitfalls
An electronic version of the popular brochure that contains tips on common mistakes made in air sampling. PowerPoint
Cyclones - A Centrifugal Force in Air Sampling
Presentation provides information on size-selective sampling with cyclones, cyclones available in the market, and the performance of each cyclone, with respect to the ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable convention. PowerPoint


Industrial Hygiene Workbooks
Written by PE and IAQ expert D. Jeff Burton, these convenient references contain current information in an easy-to-read format. All sections are followed by case studies and every exercise is answered in detail. These workbooks are indispensable as college texts, in-house references, and for home study courses.
Description Cat. No.
IAQ and HVAC Workbook
Describes indoor air quality investigation techniques and building air handling systems. It also contains sections on management of indoor air quality and control strategies, identification of air contaminants, indoor air behavior patterns, testing, troubleshooting HVAC systems, government standards, and air sampling. 335 pp., 1993
Laboratory Ventilation Workbook
Describes lab hood and HVAC systems, air behavior patterns, testing methods and procedures, ANSI standard explanation, good work practices, model lab ventilation programs, use of real-time monitors, troubleshooting, and duct design. 350 pp., 2nd Edition 1994
Industrial Hygiene Workbook:
The Occupational Health Sciences
The basis of a comprehensive home study course available through the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), this workbook completely covers industrial hygiene in 23 sections, providing an overview of industrial hygiene: facts and concepts, calculation procedures, exercises, and multiple-choice questions. 350 pp., 1994
English 877-727
Spanish 877-727A
Industrial Ventilation Workbook
Topics covered include industrial air behavior, hood and duct design, loss factors, make-up air and recirculation, troubleshooting and system testing, fan selection, stack design, non-standard conditions, and reading plans and specifications. 339 pp., 3rd Edition 1994


Industrial Lighting Guides

Industrial Lighting Guides
Published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), these easy-to-read guides contain the American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting (ANSI/IESNA RP-1-04) and Industrial Lighting Facilities (ANSI RP-7-01). Photographs, charts, and illustrations promote reader understanding of topics such as luminous environment considerations, visual task considerations, psychological effects of lighting, economics and energy, offices with visual display terminals, and safety.

Description Cat. No.
Office Lighting 877-612
Industrial Lighting 877-611

SKC Training DVDs
Available only from SKC, these quality training videos on DVD range from assembling basic sampling trains to servicing sample pumps. All DVDs are in English.
Basic Demonstration Videos
Cat. No.
Kwik-Klips Pump Calibration and Sampling with:
    Sorbent Tubes and an Electronic Calibrator.
    Sorbent Tubes and a Film Flowmeter
    Filters/Cyclones Using a Film Flowmeter
    Filters/Cyclones Using an Electronic Calibrator
    Operation of the SKC CalChek Automatic Calibration Feature
Product-specific Demonstration Videos Cat. No.
MethAlert and MethChek Kwik-Klips 878-32
Defender Electronic Calibrator Kwik-Klip, pump calibration with sorbent tubes, filters, and cyclones using the Defender 878-33

SKC On-line Videos

SKC feature videos provide a quick overview of product features and applications and cover a range of products and topics that are ideal for:
  • Introduction of basic air sampling techniques to a class or trainee

  • Demonstration of product features to trainees or technicians

  • Review of sampling and calibration techniques

  • Evaluation or review of product features when considering product purchase or comparing products

Access SKC Videos or visit the SKC channel on YouTube

Training Support
Need a photograph or a presentation on air sampling? SKC can help you with your training on air sampling methods and equipment by providing:

  • Slides, photographs, and drawings
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Multiple copies of the SKC Catalog and Air Sampling Guide
  • Speakers for meetings, classes, and seminars
  • Videos
  • Sample Setup Guides

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