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SKC Service / Repair / Recalibration

You rely on SKC sampling equipment to get the job done right. Experienced SKC Service and Repair Technicians are another thing you can rely on to keep your sampling equipment in optimal operating condition. Follow our easy service/repair return process for 100% satisfaction.

SKC Equipment group

Here’s how it works!

  1. Click SKC Service Request Form (PDF - Click me!). Complete this electronic form and submit by email to SKC. SKC will reply to your email with an RA number.

  2. Click SKC Service/Repair Payment Information Form (PDF - Click me!). Complete this electronic form and submit by email to SKC. RA number required to submit form.

  3. Click SKC Decontamination Form (PDF - Click me!). Complete and print form.

  4. Package the product. Mark the RA number on correspondence and the outside of the package. Include a printed copy of your completed Service Request Form and Decontamination Form.

    Ship to:
    		SKC Inc.
    		Repair Dept. — RA# ______________
    		863 Valley View Road
    		Eighty Four, PA 15330-8619



Service/Repair Process FAQs

How long do service/repairs take?
Standard service is typically completed within 14 to 21 days.

Does SKC provide rush repair?
Rush repair can be requested; contact SKC for details at 800-752-8472 (724-941-9701, outside the U.S.).

What is an RA number? Why do I need it?

An RA number is a Returns Authorization number issued by SKC when we receive your completed SKC Service Request Form. Once issued, this unique number provides the identifier for your product service and/or repair. Completion of service/repairs cannot occur without this number. It should be marked on all forms, correspondence, and packaging associated with the product to be serviced or repaired.

Which forms do I need to submit to get my product serviced or repaired?
See the process steps at the top of this page.

The SKC Service Request Form (8075A) provides your contact information, the service and/or repair you wish SKC to perform, the shipping method by which the product will be delivered to SKC, and your acknowledgement that you will be billed for all services/repairs performed by SKC. Submit this form to receive an RA number.

The SKC Service/Repair Payment Information Form (8075B) provides SKC with serial numbers for warranty service/repair and payment information for non-warranty service/repair. You must obtain an RA number to submit this form.

The SKC Decontamination Form (8075) provides certification from you that the product you are shipping is not contaminated; a hard copy of this completed form must be included in your product shipment. This completed form is required for the safety of SKC employees who handle the equipment.


Iíve clicked the Submit button on my SKC Service/Repair Payment Information Form, but it wonít send. Whatís going on?
You must obtain and enter an RA number (see previous FAQ) before the form can be submitted.
Adobe PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to function. Download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from:

Two of the service/repair forms are submitted electronically. How do I get a copy for my records?
Before clicking the Submit button within each form, print the form for your records. SKC recommends keeping a hard copy of all forms completed for each service/repair item.

What if my product requires additional service or repairs than what I requested?
SKC will contact you with an estimate and for your approval prior to performing any service/repair that is above and beyond the previously authorized standard service/repair.

This page was last modified July 17, 2014
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