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Surface/Dermal Sampling and Decontamination

Chemical Hazards

Detection of Lead and Other Metals on Skin and Surfaces
SKC Full Disclosure Wipe Kit, Ghost Wipes, and surface sampling swabs for detection of the presence of lead on surfaces and surface sampling swab and wipe kits for the detection of a wide variety of contaminants on surfaces and in liquids
MethChek methamphetamine residue wipe test kit Detection of Methamphetamine Residue on Surfaces
MethChek 50 immunoassay and MethAlert wipe test kits for detecting methamphetamine surface residues

Biological Hazards

Biological and Asbestos Surface Sampling
Carpet sampling kits, cassettes, and swabs for collecting biological contaminants, such as spores, on carpets and other dusty areas

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