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Tenax ® Sorbent Tubes

Sorbent (Coating)Catalog NumberSize
(mm) ODxLength
SectionsSorbent (mg) Ends Tube CoverSeparatorsQty.
Anasorb 747/Tenax TA 226-171  16 x 125 2 5.2 gm/1.2 gm GO - WW ea
PUF/Tenax/PUF 226-124  * 22 x 100 3 3cm/750mg/3cm GO P none ea
Tenax GR/Anasorb GCB1 226-348 § 1/4 x 3-1/2 in 2 175/150 SS - SWS ea
Tenax GR/Anasorb GCB1 226-345 § 1/4 x 3-1/2 in 2 125/120 GO - WWW ea
Tenax TA 226-360 § 1/4 x 3-1/2 in 1 250 GO - WW ea
Tenax TA 226-357 § 1/4 x 3-1/2 in 1 250 SS - SWWS ea
Tenax TA 226-340  1/4 x 3-1/2 in 1 100 SS - SSW ea
Tenax TA 226-339  1/4 x 3-1/2 in 1 100 GO - WW ea
Tenax TA 226-134  * 16 x 125 1 1.6 gm GO - WW ea
Tenax TA 226-35031  8 x 110 2 100/50 GS B WWW 10
Tenax TA 226-35-03  8 x 110 2 100/50 GS B WWW 50
Tenax TA 226-35-01  * 6 x 70 2 20/10 GO A WWW 50
Tenax TA 226-35  6 x 70 2 30/15 GS A FWW 50
Tenax TA/Glass Fiber Filter (OVS) 226-56  * 13 to 8 x 75 2 140/70 GO V FFGT 10
Tenax TA
Tenax TA
2 tubes
226-35-02  *
6 x 130
6 x 130




50 sets

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Table Notes:

Catalog Number:

Limited shelf-life; contact SKC for more information
Tubes are chemically conditioned before shipping; use within 30 days or recondition. Restocking fee applies.
§ Each tube has a flow direction arrow and unique number.
Limited shelf-life; refrigerator/freezer storage may be required. Contact SKC for more information.
Available unconditioned
Requires Coated Filter Cat. No. 225-9030 for sampling peracetic acid. See Method Note.

Tube Ends:

GS:  Glass Sealed
GO:  Glass Open
SS:  Stainless Steel Open

Protective Tube Covers:

A:  6-mm OD x 70-mm length
B:  8-mm OD x 110-mm length
C:  10-mm OD x 150-mm length
D:  10-mm OD x 220-mm length and shorter tubes
P:  Low-volume PUF Tube Holder Do not use an adjustable low flow holder
V:  OVS Tube Holder Do not use an adjustable low flow holder


W:  Glass Wool
G:  Glass Fiber Filter
F:  Foam
N:  Nylon Ring
Q:  Quartz Filter
R:  Glass Spacer
S:  Screen
T:  PTFE Ring

Sorbent Equivalencies:
  Anasorb 708 is equivalent to Chromosorb 108.
  Anasorb 727 is equivalent to Chromosorb 106.
  Anasorb 747 is an SKC proprietary sorbent.
  Anasorb C300 is equivalent to Hydrar, Carulite.
  Anasorb CSC is an SKC proprietary sorbent.
  Anasorb GCB1 is equivalent to Carbopack B (60/80).
  Anasorb GCB2 is equivalent to Carbopack C.


  Anasorb ® — SKC Inc
  Chromosorb ® — Manville Corp.
  Porapak ® — Waters Associates, Inc.
  Tenax ® — Buchem B.V.
  XAD ® — Rohm & Haas

Methods for SKC Sorbent Tubes
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For the catalog number of the correct tube for a particular chemical hazard, refer to SKC's: For SKC sorbent tubes listed by SKC Catalog Number, refer to Methods for SKC Sorbent Tubes
Search for methods for a particular SKC sorbent tube.

Custom Tubes Available
For specific applications, SKC will manufacture custom sorbent tubes to meet your specific requirements. Download the applicable Custom Sorbent Tube Order Form in PDF format. Complete the form and fax it to your SKC representative, contact your SKC representative, or call the SKC Sales Department at 724-941-9701 for more information.

Custom Sorbent Tube Order Forms

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