AIHA – A Sneak Peek at Projects and Programs
12/14/2021   |  

For over 82 years, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, currently known as AIHA, has fulfilled its mission of “creating knowledge to protect worker health” by developing tools, volunteer groups, and resources to enrich and support occupational health and safety (OEHS) professionals.  

These past few years have been exciting for AIHA. In 2020, the organization evolved its brand to enhance current membership resources and recruit the next generation. The AIHA name, logo, and tagline were redefined to better characterize the mission and vision of the organization.  

AIHA has developed several great opportunities and projects following the rebranding, including: 

  • AIHA’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 - The AIHA Board approved its new strategic plan for the upcoming three years. It retains domains and focus areas from the 2019-2021 plan including Community Awareness, Advancement and Dissemination of Knowledge, Integrity of Professional Practice, and Advocacy. Each domain consists of strategic objectives and strategies as well as a set of quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) to help leadership monitor progress. A primary change in the new plan is the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the core values and domains. This will allow AIHA to include different professionals within the umbrella of the OEHS profession such as environmental, toxicological, healthcare, and safety to name just a few. This will also facilitate outreach to OEHS organizations around the world.  
  • AIHA’s “Back to Work Safely” - In May 2020, AIHA created guidelines and resources for businesses to reopen safely in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines for the retail, restaurant, hair/nail salon, construction, and other industries include recommendations on ventilation, personal hygiene, physical distancing, and enhanced cleaning. This information is available in English and Spanish. AIHA updates these guidelines periodically.  
  • AIHA mentoring program - AIHA launched a new online mentoring platform for mentors and mentees to interact and access peers, workshops, and webinars, attend events, and join communities and forums.  

That is a sneak peek at the AIHA projects and programs that are coming soon. The organization continues to bring to life its mission statement: “Empowering and advancing those who apply scientific knowledge to protect all workers and their communities from occupational and environmental hazards”. Because of the collaboration of volunteer groups, staff, and leadership in providing the most current expertise, AIHA can meet its vision of “A world where all workers and their communities are healthy and safe.”  

About Our Guest Blogger: Lucinette Alvarado, SKC Inc. Corporate CIH and Technical Services Manager, serves as Director at Large on the AIHA Board of Directors. She has found her board experience these past three years to be very fulfilling. “I have polished my leadership skills as well as created strong relationships with my peers. These skills help me to become a better professional for AIHA, my career, and in my personal life.”