11/17/2021   |  

SKC had the exciting opportunity to attend this free live webinar on Detecting Benzene: A Major Public Health Concern by ION Science, a 30-year leader in manufacturing gas and leak detectors and gas sensors. Benzene is a commonly used chemical to which approximately 250,000 people may be exposed occupationally in the U.S. alone. Its presence in nature, industrial settings, and homes, Group One carcinogen designation, and dangerous health effects make it essential that occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals and public health agencies prime their knowledge and act to recognize, detect, and control benzene exposures. This free webinar does just that!  Highlights of the webinar include a discussion of exposure standards, routes of exposure, acute and long-term health effects, sources, measurement – why PID is both good and bad technology for detecting benzene, and mitigation. View the webinar recording here. Find other resources on ION Science’s website here.  

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