Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professional Development Opportunity‒Pittsburgh, PA
06/08/2022   |  

With over 22 million U.S. workers exposed to hazardous levels, occupational noise remains a top hazard in the workplace and one of the most frequent concerns of the industrial hygienist and safety professional. The situational nuances of noise monitoring can be complex. The ubiquitous nature of noise yet ever-changing work environments results in OEHS professionals being called to monitor occupational noise exposure with varying frequency ranging from every day to once a year. This highlights the importance for industrial hygiene and safety professionals to remain fresh on their knowledge of the basics of hearing conservation, noise surveys, and the latest developments in noise monitoring tools to be ready to meet any need.

The Short Course on Occupational Noise Exposure Measurement includes the basics of Hearing Conservation with additional instruction in basic sound measurement techniques and the use of sound level meters. Coursework will cover sound physics, noise measurement principles, regulations, surveys, terminology, and hands-on exercises with noise dosimeters and sound level meters.

If you are an industrial hygienist, safety professional, occupational hearing conservationist, noise consultant, industrial engineer, plant engineer, government noise specialist, sound instrument technician, or occupational health professional working to reduce hearing loss…this short course on June 22 is for you! Space is limited to afford everyone an opportunity for hands-on work with sound level meters and noise dosimeters used in the seminar, so register now!  

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