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Sorbent Tubes for Solvent Extraction

Orderable Items SKC offers a complete selection of sorbent tubes designed specifically for solvent extraction specified in many OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, EPA, and non-agency methods. Quality SKC Sorbent Tubes feature consistent sorbent mesh size, validation, and over 45 years of proven performance.

  • Meet NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM, and EPA specifications

  • Made with high-quality, low-background sorbents

  • SKC quality control ensures sorbents and tubes meet high standards
    • Accurate sorbent weights
    • Consistent method-specified mesh size and separators
    • Tested for uniform back pressure
    • Accurate, repeatable results

  • Large batch production of Anasorb® CSC Lot 2000 charcoal to ensure availability for many years

  • Backup sorbent layer for breakthrough indication

  • Validation of reliability
    • Specified in OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, and EPA methods
    • Used by health and safety professionals around the world for compliance and consulting

  • Sorbent background certification available online (see Certificates of Analysis)

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Consult the method or the SKC Air Sampling Guide to determine the appropriate sorbent tube to use for the chemical being sampled.


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Just before sampling, use a scorer/breaker tool to uniformly break the ends of the sorbent tube to a 2 mm diameter or half the diameter of the tube body.


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Keep the tube in a vertical position during sampling to prevent the possibility of channeling that can lead to undersampling.


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The arrow on the tube indicates air flow direction and should point to the tube holder and pump. If no arrow is present, the smallest section should be near the tube holder.


Red Triangle Ship the sample to a laboratory as soon as possible; avoid excessive heat and rough handling.