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Passive Sampler for Hydrogen Cyanide

Orderable Items The Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Passive Sampler samples hydrogen cyanide from 0.44 to 20 ppm for accurate exposure results without the use of a pump. A vial is used to directly transfer supplied sorbent into and out of the sampler. The HCN Passive Sampler is ideal for use in steel, electroplating, mining, and chemical manufacturing industries.

  • More accurate HCN determinations than previous methods

  • Lightweight miniature sampler for unobtrusive sampling

  • Unique sampler design for direct transfer of sorbent into and out of the sampler
    • Load and unload sorbent easily in the field
    • Sorbent transfers directly to vial for solvent extraction

  • Samples hydrogen cyanide from 0.44 to 20 ppm
    • Suitable for 15-minute and 8-hour samples





Use the SKC HCN Passive Sampler for sampling in the following industries :

  • Steel
  • Electroplating
  • Mining
  • Chemical manufacturing





590-400 HCN Passive Sampler
Back view
590-400 HCN Passive Sampler
Front view

SKC introduces the Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Passive Sampler specified in new OSHA Method 1015. The HCN sampler operates at a sampling rate of 28.4 ml/min and provides accurate HCN exposure results. The sampler design allows field loading of sorbent from vial to sampler housing before sampling and field transfer of sorbent from sampler to vial after sampling. Samples are extracted with water and analyzed by ion chromatography/electrochemical detector. The HCN Passive Sampler is designed for single use.