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Ozone Test Sticks

Orderable Items Get fast indication of ambient ozone levels with Ozone Test Sticks. Easy-to-read color results develop within 10 minutes. Use Ozone Test Sticks for indoor or outdoor air.

  • Easy to use

  • Results display in 4 distinct colors representing specific levels of ozone concentration ranging from < 0.045 ppm to > 0.105 ppm

  • Quick indication of ambient ozone levels
    • Color results display in 10 minutes
    • Use for indoor or outdoor air


Performance Profile 
Test Time
10 minutes
Measuring Range
< 0.045 ppm to > 0.105 ppm
Oxidizing reagents such as chlorine
Relative Humidity Range
30 to 60% RH
3 months after opening



Indicates Ambient Level of Ozone in Air
Ozone Test Sticks are designed to provide a quick indication of ambient levels of ozone in both indoor and outdoor air. A high concentration of ozone has been medically proven to damage lung tissue and can reduce lung efficiency up to 20%. It is important to monitor ozone levels on a regular basis, especially if people suffering from respiratory problems are consistently in a specific location. Even healthy individuals who are exercising or working outdoors can be damaged by high levels of ozone.

Ozone Sensitivity
Groups of people that are most likely to be ozone-sensitive include children and adults who are active outdoors and people with compromised respiratory systems such as asthmatics. People who show sensitivity at low ozone concentrations are more likely to experience serious side effects if exposed to a higher concentration of ozone.

Principle of Operation
Ozone Test Sticks are chemically treated to react with ozone. Easy to use, simply place a test stick in the area to be tested. After 10 minutes, compare the test stick tip with the color scale on the test stick package. Results display in four distinct colors from light yellow to dark yellow. Each represents a certain level of ozone concentration ranging from < 0.045 ppm to > 0.105 ppm. The EPA has determined that high exposure levels of ozone over an eight-hour period may cause negative health effects in sensitive people. Use Ozone Test Sticks for short ten-minute samples within an eight-hour period to determine if ozone levels are remaining consistently high and if further testing is warranted.


Ozone Concentrations Indication
A — up to 0.045 ppm (45 ppb) Good
B — from 0.045 ppm to 0.075 ppm (45 to 75 ppb) Moderate
C — from 0.075 ppm to 0.105 ppm (75 to 105 ppb) Unhealthy for sensitive groups
D — over 0.105 ppm (105 ppb) Unhealthy to very unhealthy

ppm = parts per million
ppb = parts per billion