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CMS Chip Measurement System

Orderable Items The Dräger Chip Measurement System (CMS) electronic colorimetric grab sampling system provides highly accurate spot gas measurements quickly and easily.

  • Fast response — results in 20 seconds
    • No warm-up required
    • TWA and action levels reported within 1 to 2 minutes

  • Highly accurate
    • Accuracy ± 4 to 7% of measured value for most gases
    • Consistent flow maintained and corrected for changes in atmospheric pressure
    • Measures low levels, even benzene
    • Not subject to human error and bias

  • Simple 1, 2, 3, operation
    • Minimal training required

  • Concentration displayed on easy-to-read backlit digital readout in any one of four languages

  • No calibration gas required
    • Calibration information is stored on each CMS chip

  • System integrity assured
    • Electronic system self-test performed upon start-up
    • Sampling system test performed before each test

  • No battery charging
    • Operates on AA alkaline batteries for more than 7 hours of measurement
    • Ready for instant use — ideal for emergency response

  • Internal data recorder
    • Stores up to 50 measurements
    • Data includes time/date, contaminant/concentration, and sequential number of measurement series
    • User may enter measurement location
    • Recall and display data on demand






The direct-reading Dräger Chip Measurement System (CMS) combines chemical-specific chips and an electronic analyzer for highly accurate and reliable gas and vapor measurements. With the flip of a switch, the Dräger CMS provides quick results that appear on an easy-to-read LCD. The Dräger CMS is ideal for industries where glass tubes cannot be used or where it is not cost-effective to keep a monitor on-hand that requires sensors and calibration.


CMS Chip
Drager CMS Chip with callouts
Each Dräger CMS chip contains 10 capillaries (10 test) filled with substance-specific reagent. A barcode on the chip is read by the analyzer optics to obtain information such as gas type, measuring range, and required measuring time. Gas type, part number, and batch number are printed on the chip for user convenience. CMS Chips are interchangeable without calibration. Chip calibrations are valid from one to two years. One 10-test chip is approximately the same cost as a box of detector tubes.

CMS Analyzer
CMS Analyzer The analyzer contains a pump mechanism, microprocessor, optics, and software. The optics read the barcode on an inserted chip and menu-driven instructions for the test appear on the analyzer's LCD. Each analyzer includes a data recorder that will hold the last 50 determinations in memory along with the time/date of sample and a location code.

The CMS Analyzer is available with deep mine approval. Contact your SKC representative for more information.