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The GV110 Piston Pump

Orderable Items The Gastec® GV110 Piston Pump offers simple, accurate syringe-like technology for gas and vapor measurements. Designed for use with Gastec grab sample detector tubes, the piston can draw 100 ml of air at full-stroke or 50 ml of air at half-stroke.

  • Built-in stroke counter tracks up to 10 strokes

  • Handle lockable in full stroke position to draw 100 ml of air or half stroke position to draw 50 ml of air

  • Flow finish indicator ensured precise sample volumes

  • Contoured shape and soft elastomer-covered body for a secure, comfortable grip

  • Weighs only 9.4 ounces (0.27 kg)

  • Integral tube tip breaker and tip storage bin

  • Simple, always ready, and intrinsically safe

  • Large Gastec Detector Tube inventory available immediately

  • Factory trained product specialists for support



The Gastec GV110 precision piston pump offers simple, accurate syringe-like technology for gas and vapor measurements. Designed for use with Gastec grab sample detector tubes, one complete stroke draws a 100-ml air sample. A flow finish indicator shows completion of full or half strokes, while the built-in stroke counter eliminates the risk of miscounting. An integral tube tip breaker and tip storage bin adds convenience. The GV110 pump and several boxes of tubes can be transported easily in the semi-rigid carry case with adjustable case strap that can be worn over the shoulder or secured to a belt.


Break tube tips, push in pump handle, and insert tube.


Align guides, pull out handle until locked, and wait for flow finish indicator to pop out.


Read measurement at end of color changed layer. Mark on the tube with pen.


One-hand GV110 Pump Operation
One-hand Operation Adapter for the GV100 pump cat. No. 810-GV700The GV700 One-hand Adapter is used with the GV110 piston-style pump to provide convenient one-hand pump operation. The adapter uses a simple slide valve that opens and closes at the push of a button. Closing the valve prevents airflow into the pump and allows the user to pull back the pump handle without taking a sample. After an open tube has been inserted into the pump, the sample is taken by opening the valve with another push of the button. The adapter can be left in the open position to allow normal use of the pump. The GV700 Adapter screws onto the pump. The tube holder screws onto the adapter. It’s simple, accurate, and reliable just like the GV110 pump.

Tech Tips Logo

  • To assure optimum accuracy, all detector tube hand pumps should be checked for leaks on a regular basis.

  • Detector tubes are factory calibrated for a specific flow dynamic provided by a system’s pump. Always use detector tubes with the pump specified by the manufacturer. Interchanging brands of pumps and tubes can produce a significant reduction in accuracy.

  • Gastec grab sample detector tubes can be used at temperatures from 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C). For higher temperature applications, use a hot probe (see accessories).

  • Do not enter closed spaces without confirming safety. When sampling in closed spaces, determine concentration remotely by using an optional extension hose or probe connected to the detector tube system (see accessories).

  • Use detector tubes for screening and field surveys. Use validated methods for compliance sampling.

  • For detector tube reading:
    • When the end of the color change layer is flat, read the value at the end of the layer.
    • When the end of the color change layer is slanted, read the value in the middle of the slant.
    • When the demarcation of the color change layer is pale, read the value in the middle between the dark layer end and the pale layer end.

  • To aid reading results:
    • Hold tube against a light background.
    • Compare tube against an unused tube from the same box.