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PFA Midget Impingers

Orderable Items PFA (fluoropolymer) Midget Impingers collect contaminants into a liquid medium using a known volume of air bubbles pumped through the tube. The liquid is analyzed to determine airborne concentrations. Impingers may be mounted to the side of an air sample pump or placed in a holster near the worker’s breathing zone.


  • Mechanically strong even at high temperatures

  • Temperature resistant up to 500 F (260 C)
    • Also suitable for cryogenic applications

  • Chemically resistant to all common solvents

  • Ultra-low levels of metallic and organic extractables

  • Sterilizable
    • Autoclave, e-beam, ethylene oxide, or gamma radiation

  • Low gas permeability

  • Large 60-ml capacity





Savillex  impinger in a single holder (Cat. No. 225-0026) mounted on Universal PCXR8 Sample Pump

Unbreakable Savillex 60-ml PFA impingers are an ideal alternative to glass impingers. PFA impingers are not only safe to use but are inert to virtually all chemicals and perform well in high-temperature and cryogenic applications. SKC offers Savillex PFA impingers with two different port configurations to meet your applications. The transfer caps and ferrule nuts provide a leak-tight seal.
Savillex PFA impinger in a
single holder (Cat. No. 225-0026)
mounted on Universal PCXR8 Sample Pump

 Impinger Cat. No. 225-0200  Impinger Cat. No. 225-0021
Savillex PFA Impinger with
Vertical and Side Ports
Cat. No. 225-0020
Savillex PFA Impinger with
Two Vertical Ports
Cat. No. 225-0021