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Solu-CAP Internal Capsule Sampler

Orderable Items Use Solu-CAP Internal Capsule Sampler to eliminate sample loss and meet NIOSH requirements for inclusion of all wall deposits.


  • Design specified in NIOSH Method 7306

  • Eliminates need for lab to wipe or rinse cassette walls

  • Meets NIOSH wall deposits requirement

  • Ensures all collected sample is analyzed

  • No assembly required
    • Supplied preloaded into 37-mm, 2-piece SKC cassette with support pad

  • Digestible cellulose acetate dome on MCE filter contains entire sample
    • Completely soluble for analysis following NIOSH 7300 digestive procedure


Harper, M. and Ashley, K., “Acid-Soluble Internal Capsules for Closed-Face Cassette Elemental Sampling and Analysis of Workplace Air,” Jnl. of Occup. and Env. Hyg., 10:6, 297-306

Ashley, K. and Harper, M., “Analytical Performance Issues: Closed-Face Filter Cassette (CFC) Sampling – Guidance on Procedure for Inclusion of Material Adhering to Internal Sampler Surfaces,” Jnl. of Occup. and Env. Hyg., 10:3, 2013, pp. D29-D33







Use Solu-CAP ® Internal Capsule Samplers to eliminate sample loss and meet NIOSH requirements inclusion of all wall deposits. Solu-CAP’s digestible cellulose acetate dome is sealed to a quality MCE filter. The user samples and sends the cassette to a laboratory. The lab removes the Solu-CAP insert, digests it in an acid solution per standard procedures, and performs analysis for airborne metals following published methods. No sample loss! The Solu-CAP design is specified in new NIOSH 7306.

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