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Accu-CAP Internal Capsule

Orderable Items Accu-CAP Internal Capsule comprises a static-dissipative plastic dome sealed to a PVC filter, ensuring that the entire sample is contained and eliminating cassette wall losses for gravimetric analysis. Accu-CAP fits into SKC two-piece cassettes with supports.


  • Meets specifications of NIOSH Method 0501 for gravimetric analysis

  • Ensure entire sample is captured and analyzed

  • Fits inside a 37-mm, 2-piece SKC cassette with support pad

  • Static-dissipative plastic dome on PVC filter contains entire sample
    • No cassette rinsing or wiping required
    • Prevents loss of sample during transport
    • No particles dislodged from filter during analysis preparation

  • Suitable for sampling total dust (NIOSH 0500 and 0501) and carbon black (NIOSH 5000) and more





    Accu-CAP®s are Easy to Use



    Simply open a two-piece cassette and insert a support pad on the bottom section (outlet) Open an SKC 2-piece cassette and insert support pad.


    Insert the Accu-CAP with the bubble facing up.Insert Accu-CAP with dome facing up.


    Press on the top section (inlet) of the cassette. The opening on top of the Accu-CAP aligns with the inlet opening of the cassette.Press top section (inlet) of cassette onto cassette bottom.


    For digestible cassette inserts for metals analysis, see Solu-CAPs.

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    NIOSH Method 0501, www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2003-154/pdfs/0501.pdf