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SPLIT2 Real-time Dust Monitor

Orderable Items The SPLIT2® Real-time Dust Monitor offers high flexibility for personal or area dust monitoring. The SPLIT2 has an easy-to-read LCD that continuously displays concentration in mg/m3, TWA, Max, Min, and STEL. Use SPLIT2 for personal compliance monitoring, background sampling, fugitive emissions, fenceline monitoring, indoor air quality investigations, exhaust fumes, and roadside dust levels.


  • Economical, flexible, and direct reading

  • Provides concurrent gravimetric sampling for different fractions when used with any 2 L/min sample pump
    • Use the GS-3 Cyclone for respirable dust
    • Use the IOM Sampler for inhalable dust
    • Use gravimetric results to program monitor for cross-calibration of displayed results

  • Wide measuring range
    • 0.01 to 200 mg/m3 for particles from 0.1 to 100 µm

  • Accuracy
    • ± 10% to NIOSH Method 0600 using SAE fine test dust

  • Reliable light-scattering technology

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Programmable
    • Easy-to-use 4-button keypad

  • Datalogs up to 21,500 data points
    • Easy-to-use software for flexible data management

  • Alarms at hazardous concentrations

  • Provides TWA and STEL measurements

  • Easy-to-use DustComm Pro Software for downloading, basic trend analysis, and comprehensive graphical reporting

  • CE marked




Split2 with Air Sample Pump Worn by Worker

SPLIT2 Monitoring Applications

  • Personal compliance monitoring

  • Walk-through surveys

  • Background sampling

  • Fugitive emissions

  • Site dust levels

  • Fenceline monitoring

  • Filtration systems

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Spray booths

  • Exhaust fumes

  • Roadside dust levels





Performance Profile
Sensing Range
0.01 to 200 mg/m3
Particle Size Range
0.1 to 100 µm
± 10% to NIOSH Method 0600 using SAE fine test dust
± 0.02 mg/m3
NIOSH gravimetric using SAE fine test dust
Four-key splash-proof membrane switch; menu driven
Four-line alphanumeric LCD
Real-time concentration in mg/m3, TWA, Max, Min, and STEL, and concentration/time graph
Alarm Output
Adjustable intensity, 90 dB at 3 ft
Recording Time
1 sec to 15 mo
Sampling Rate
1-sec, 1-min, and 10-min averages
Active Configuration
Use with a sample pump at 2 L/min
Data Storage
21,500 data points
Memory and Time Storage
> 3 years; up to 999 storage locations
Digital Output
Operating Temperature
32 to 122 F (0 to 50 C)
Storage Temperature
4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
95% non-condensing
NiMH rechargeable battery pack
Run Time
> 8 hrs on rechargeable NiMH battery
1.7 lbs (0.78 kg) with batteries
Unit: 7.1 x 3.1 x 1.8 in (18 x 8 x 4.5 cm)
Sensor: 1.75 x 1.5 in (4.4 x 3.8 cm)
Compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, ME, or NT





When combined with any 2 L/min sample pump, the SPLIT2 Real-time Dust Monitor offers high flexibility for all dust monitoring applications.

The flexible and easy-to-use SPLIT2 is designed for personal or area monitoring for respirable or inhalable dust. SPLIT2 is a passive dust monitor that can become an active monitor/sampler by combining it with a 2 L/min sample pump, sampling head (GS-3 Cyclone or IOM Sampler), and preweighed filter for direct read-out and real-time profile of dust concentration and concurrent gravimetric dust sampling. The easy-to-read LCD continuously displays concentration in mg/m3, TWA, Max, Min, and STEL. Operate the SPLIT2 for over eight hours with NiMH batteries or use the AC adapter accessory for longer run times.

Used for real-time monitoring or concurrent gravimetric sampling, SPLIT2 is comfortable to wear and does not interfere with daily activity. When configured with a sample pump, the SPLIT2 with built-in belt clip can be placed on one side of a worker’s belt and the pump on the other side for maximum comfort. The sensor is mounted near the breathing zone for accurate breathing zone measurement. Handheld wand and tripod accessories are available for area monitoring.

SPLIT2 Calibration
SPLIT2 is calibrated using SAE fine test dust. The gravimetric filter sample collected can be used to correct real-time data, eliminating the problem of displayed results being accurate only if the dust monitored is similar to SAE fine test dust.