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SM-4000 Personal Silica Monitor Kit

Orderable Items Silica Monitor SM-4000 is a direct-reading personal dust monitor optimized for the measurement of silica levels specified in the OSHA final silica rule. Calibrated to a known amount of silica dust, SM-4000 provides direct readings for determination of peak silica concentrations for mitigation and lower TWAs. The SM-4000 internal pump and gravimetric filter cassette (directly behind the sensor) provide for concurrent collection of a gravimetric sample for silica analysis and cross-calibration.

  • Low sensing range down to 1 µg/m3

  • High precision of ± 3 µg/m3

  • Readings display in µg/m3 — no conversions needed

  • Comes standard with GS-3 Cyclone that conforms to ISO 7708/CEN criteria

  • Concurrent filter sampling option for lab analysis and/or cross-calibration of displayed results
    • Gravimetric filter cassette located directly behind the sensor for maximum particle deposition
    • Internal pump flows at 2.75 L/min (user adjustable)

  • Sensor and filter cassette clip directly in the breathing zone

  • Datalogging
    • DustComm Pro Software allows for downloading, basic trend analysis, and graphical analysis and comprehensive graphical reporting





Performance Profile

Sensor Light scattering
Flow Rate 2.75 L/min (user adjustable)
Sensing Range 1 to 20,000 µg/m3 (0.001 to 20 mg/m3)
Precision ± 3 µg/m3 (0.003 mg/m3 )
Display Concentration in µg/m3, TWA, STEL, MIN, and MAX
Accuracy ± 10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust
Gravimetric Filter Sampling Requirements 37-mm PVC filter for the supplied 37-mm in-line cassette (25-mm filter and cassette options are available)







Use the new Silica Monitor SM-4000 for the following applications:
- Perimeter monitoring of regulated areas with user-set alarms
- Evaluation of controls and worker activities
- Recording time history of dust levels
- Filter sampling for lab analysis
- Task monitoring
- Selecting PPE

Easy-to-Use SM-4000

Clip the sensor with GS-3 Cyclone to a worker's collar
in the breathing zone.





Clip the SM-4000 to a worker’s belt
Clip the SM-4000 to a worker’s belt.





Read dust concentration on the SM-4000 display. Download data for graphing/reporting
Read dust concentration on the SM-4000 display.
Download data for graphing/reporting.