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Dräger X-am 7000 Advanced 5-Gas Detector with PID Option

Orderable Items The Dräger X-am® 7000 provides simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to five gases. It is the ideal companion in a variety of applications, such as confined space entry, area monitoring, and leak detection, where the reliable detection of oxygen and toxic and combustible gases and vapors is necessary.

  • Flexible 5-gas configurations
    • Equip with 3 electrochemical sensors and 2 catalytic bead, infrared, or PID sensors
    • Over 25 precalibrated, interchangeable sensors available to detect more than 100 gases and vapors
    • Automatic sensor recognition; reconfigure monitor simply by changing sensor

  • Loud and bright alarms
    • > 100 dBA multi-tone horn and 360-degree visual alarm

  • Large graphic LCD and alarm auto-zoom for easy recognition of alarm values

  • Rugged IP-67 rated case; it’s submersible!

  • Popular TWA, STEL, and peak hold functions in easy-to-use menus

  • Special features expand applications
    • Flexible gooseneck probe simplifies leak searching
    • Tracking mode increases/decreases beep rate relative to gas concentration detected
    • IR combustible sensor can be used in oxygen-free environments — no dilution valve needed

  • Intelligent, rechargeable battery block
    • Up to 20 hours operation (battery dependent)

  • Optional accessories expand operation
    • Models with built-in pump sample gas through a tube up to 150 feet long (45 meters)
    • Models with datalogger record up to 100 hours at 1-minute intervals
    • Data downloadable to PC with optional interface and software accessories




The Dräger X-am 7000 is your flexible solution for the simultaneous and continuous detection of up to five gases. Equip the X-am 7000 with three electrochemical sensors and two catalytic bead, photoionization, or infrared sensors. With a combination of more than 25 sensors available, the X-am 7000 can provide the flexible solutions you need for individual monitoring tasks. It is ideal for applications where reliable monitoring of oxygen and toxic and combustible gases and vapors in ambient air is required.


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