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The Edge 5 Personal Cable-free Noise Dosimeters

Orderable Items The Quest Edge 5 Personal Noise Dosimeter provides professionals the options needed to achieve compliance with hearing protection standards. The cable-free dosimeter with built-in ergonomic contoured shoulder mount maximizes comfort and provides unobtrusive noise level measurements during work tasks. The Edge 5 includes three dosimeters (third dosimeter enabled through Detection Management Software) in one small unit for simultaneous measurement against up to three separate industry standards to save time and money.

  • Measures 70 to 140 dB with A and C weighting
    • Simultaneous A and C-weighting feature
    • Fast or slow response time

  • Three independent dosimeters in one unit simultaneously measure against separate industry standards
    • Reduces the need for multiple sampling surveys

  • Intrinsically safe

  • Ergonomic, comfortable contoured shoulder mount

  • Cable-free dosimeter weighs only 3 ounces (85 grams)

  • IP 65-rated case

  • Large display, easy-to-use interface
    • Configure display for SPL, Max and Min, Peak, average sound levels,TWA, SEL, dose, projected dose, upper limit, LC-AAVG, time response, run time, and weighting

  • Datalogging and time history

  • 40+ hours of run time with rechargeable lithium polymer battery

  • Convenient EdgeDock docking station communicates with dosimeter and Detection Management Software (DMS) and charges battery

  • Meets acoustic standards ASNI S1.25, IEC61252, Type 2

  • Configure, analyze, and report with Detection Management Software (DMS)





The Quest Edge personal noise dosimeters are the most innovative cable-free dosimeters on the market. No more microphone cables to interfere with tasks. You won’t even notice the 3-ounce contoured Edge as it sits securely and comfortably on your shoulder. The intrinsically safe Edge 5 features three independent dosimeters for simultaneous measurement against separate industry standards. Edge 5 features simultaneous C and A-weighted measurements and full datalogging/time history and has a convenient docking station that communicates with the Edge 5 and Detection Management Software (DMS) and charges the battery. Intuitive buttons and a large comprehensive display provide easy operation, navigation, and data review.

Additional single kits, 5-pack kits, and accessories are available. Contact SKC.

Carder Calibration
Extended Calibration and Service Agreement of up to 3 years on the Edge Series noise dosimeters as well as the SoundPro Series Type 1 and Type 2 sound level meters is available. For more information, contact your SKC representative.