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SoundPro Outdoor Sound Measuring System Kit

Orderable Items The Quest Outdoor Measurement System (OMS) allows for unattended sound level monitoring by protecting SoundPro instruments from exposure to wind, rain, snow, chemicals, particulates, animals, and theft. The OMS kit includes all necessary masts, cables, rechargeable battery packs, adapters, and a water-resistant carry case. Use the OMS kit for transportation noise assessment, industrial fenceline monitoring, public event monitoring, construction site monitoring, noise ordinance enforcement, and noise control engineering.


  • Converts SoundPro SE or DL handheld meter into an outdoor system!

  • Protects meter from weather exposure
    • Tough IP44 ingress rated case is constructed of stainless steel, ABS, and engineered polymer

  • Optional additional battery extends battery life up to one week

  • All items included except meter

  • Lockable, securable case



  • Transportation noise assessment
  • Recreational noise assessment
  • Industrial fenceline monitoring
  • Public event monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Complaint investigations
  • Noise ordinance enforcement
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Noise control engineering
  • Research
SoundPro  Outdoor Measuring System Kit shown outside



For SoundPro SE and DL Sound Level Meters/RTAs

Convert your 3M Detection Solutions SoundPro SE and DL handheld sound level meters into an outdoor sound measurement system! The Outdoor Measuring System (OMS) Kit case protects the meter from wind, rain, snow, chemicals, particulates, and animals. All necessary masts, windscreens, cables, battery packs, and adapters are included. The weatherproof case holds the SoundPro SE or DL meter, battery pack, accessories, and system components for convenient storage. The case design also provides a means for customer-supplied padlocks and cables to be installed to prevent vandalism and theft.