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SoundPro SE & DL Sound Level Meters/RTAs

Orderable Items SoundPro® Sound Level Meters from Quest provide advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. Available in Class 1 and Class 2 models, these detection instruments feature large displays that enable real-time frequency analysis and data storing capabilities that make it easy to post-process and evaluate workplace noise levels.


  • All-in-one instruments
    • Two virtual integrating sound level meters run simultaneously
    • One sound level meter is switchable between broadband and RTA mode
    • Concurrent C and A-weighted measurements

  • Easy operation and convenient features that meet your applications
    • Time history datalogging with 1-second to 60-minute intervals (model dependent)
    • Predefined setup profiles and unlimited user-defined setup profiles
    • Back-erase up to 20 seconds to remove test anomalies from results
    • Models with reverberation measurement available

  • Rugged, lightweight, and ergonomically designed; only 1.2 pounds (0.5 kg)

  • Flexible communication capabilities
    • Quickly upload data via high-speed USB
    • Secure data card slot for flexible data storage

  • Integrated with optional Detection Management Software (DMS)

  • Compliant with ANSI and IEC standards

  • Outdoor Measuring System Kit available to convert SoundPro SE or DL into an outdoor sound measuring system





SoundPro Sound Level Meters/ RTAs are ideal for the following applications:
  • Occupational noise evaluations including:
    • The recently amended U.S.A. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) standard for noise exposure in locomotive cab
    • The ANSI A10.46-2007 standard for construction and demolition worker noise exposure

  • Hearing protector selection measurements

  • Environmental noise assessments

  • Noise ordinance enforcement and legal metrology

  • General sound and frequency analysis measurements





The Quest SoundPro SE & DL Sound Level Meters/Real-time Frequency Analyzers (RTAs) and optional Detection Management Software make advanced noise analyses easy. With one mouse click, select from a library of pre-defined or user-defined application profiles. Two virtual sound level meters measure noise in accordance with dual thresholds common in many occupational noise regulations. The RTA allows selection of simultaneous broadband or RTA measurement modes for one of the virtual sound level meters. RTA mode provides real-time display and storage of the entire set of 1/1 or 1/3 octave spectra simultaneously. Rapidly transfer data to a PC with a high-speed USB cable, or store data on a non-proprietary removable SD memory card.


Detection Management Software (DMS)
Detection Management Software (DMS) makes it easy to retrieve, manipulate, report, share, and store data collected by Quest datalogging instruments for noise dosimetry, sound measurements, heat stress assessment, indoor air quality evaluation and environmental monitoring. Advanced DMS Software is similar in functionality to QuestSuite Pro II Software but includes many new features:

  • Quick, easy navigation
  • Data sorting into and fast report generation
  • Click, drag, and drop report/graph customization
  • Support for Acrobat PDF
  • Advanced reporting and analysis

SoundPro SE/DL models are also available in Type 1 accuracy.