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QUESTemp° 36 Heat Stress and Thermal Comfort Monitor

Orderable Items The QUESTemp° 36 Area Heat Stress and Indoor Thermal Comfort Monitor from Quest provides real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens. Use QUESTemp° 36 to measure dry bulb, wet bulb, globe temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, indoor and outdoor WGBT index, head-torso-ankle-weighted average WGBT, and heat index/Humidex. Indoor thermal comfort monitoring is available with optional detachable air velocity probe. QUESTemp° 36 is Detection Management Software (DMS) compatible.


  • Radiant heat shield on dry bulb sensor

  • Improved wet bulb reservoir

  • User-selectable logging intervals

  • Detection Management Software compatible

  • Measuring parameters
    • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)
    • Relative humidity
    • Air velocity (optional air probe, required for LEED studies)
    • Indoor and outdoor WBGT index
    • Head-Torso-Ankle-weighted average WBGT (optional)
    • Heat index/Humidex

  • Sensors and Accuracy
    • Dry bulb sensor - 1000 Ohm platinum RTD
      Accuracy and ranges: +/-0.5 from 0° C to 120° C (+/-0.9° F from 32° F to 248° F)
    • Wet bulb sensor - 1000 Ohm platinum RTD
      Accuracy and ranges: +/-0.5 from 0° C to 120° C (+/-0.9° F from 32° F to 248° F)
    • Globe sensor - 1000 Ohm platinum RTD
      Accuracy and ranges: +/-0.5 from 0° C to 120° C (+/-0.9° F from 32° F to 248° F)
    • Relative humidity sensor
      Accuracy and ranges: +/-5% from 20 to 95% (non-condensing)
    • Air Velocity Probe - Omni-directional heated thermistor (Optional)
      Accuracy and ranges: +/-(0.1 m/s + 4%) from 0 to 20 m/s

  • Alkaline or NiMH battery operated

  • Intrinsically Safe






The QUESTemp° 36 Area Heat Stress Monitor/Datalogger simplifies heat stress management by providing real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens. Highly versatile, the QUESTemp° 36 integral humidity sensor provides data for calculation of heat index and Humidex. Add an optional detachable air velocity probe to extend QUESTemp° 36 applications to indoor thermal comfort monitoring.

QUESTemp° 36 Advantage

  • Real-time stay time and work/rest regimen guidance: Based on heat stress screening criteria defined in the ACGIH TLV Handbook, U.S. Navy PHEL Charts and EPRI Action Limits. No charts, guides, or lookup tables needed!

  • Integral RH sensor: Enhances monitor versatility

  • Optional detachable Air-Probe-9 air velocity probe: Extends applications to LEED Green Building studies and other non-traditional heat stress measurements

  • Long battery life or continuous AC operation: 9-volt disposable batteries provide 150 hours operation; optional rechargeable NiMH batteries provide 300 hours operation.

  • Rugged IP-54 rated aluminum case: Splash and dust-resistant

Detection Management Software (DMS)
Detection Management Software (DMS) makes it easy to retrieve, manipulate, report, share, and store data collected by Quest datalogging instruments for noise dosimetry, sound measurements, heat stress assessment, indoor air quality evaluation, and environmental monitoring. Advanced DMS Software is similar in functionality to QuestSuite Pro II Software but includes many new features:

  • Quick, easy navigation
  • Data sorting into sessions/studies
  • Fast report generation
  • Click, drag, and drop report/graph customization
  • Support for Acrobat PDF
  • Advanced reporting and analysis

Contact your SKC representative for assistance with selecting the models and accessories for your specific applications.