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AIR-AIDE Airborne Particulate Monitor

Orderable Items The AIR-AIDE™ portable, direct-reading airborne particulate monitor surveys dust levels for indoor and ambient air monitoring. Use interchangeable size-selective impactors to sample for PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or ISO respirable (4.0 µm). AIR-AIDE is ideal for use in indoor air quality investigations and compliance monitoring.

  • High resolution and temperature stability

  • Long-life air sample pump maintains accurate 2 L/min flow for particle separation

  • Interchangeable size-selective impactors — choose PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or ISO respirable (4.0 µm)

  • Built-in calibration factors for fine and coarse particulate matter

  • NIST-traceable calibration

  • 10-hour rechargeable NiMH battery
    • Extended runs from AC power with supplied charger/adapter

  • Large data storage capacity
    • Run continuously for 15 months without downloading

  • On-screen programming of sampling and data storage parameters

  • DustComm Pro Software (PC-based) included for downloading, basic trend analysis, and comprehensive graphical reporting

  • User-defined audible alarm

  • Location codes for tagging data

  • Displays concentration in mg/m3 and TWA, STEL, Max, Min, date, and time

  • Optional wireless data transmission to PC





AIR-AIDE can be used for both indoor and ambient monitoring. It is an excellent assistant tool for OSHA/EPA/ASHRAE compliance methods.
  • Exposure monitoring of all dusts and aerosols including:
  • - Lead- Toxic soil remediation
    - Welding fumes- Tobacco smoke
    - Silica- Construction dust
    - Coal dust- Dry chemical
    - Wood/paper- Oil mists
    - Concrete/cement- Grinding dusts
    - Cadmium- Pharmaceuticals
    - Nuisance dusts- Spray paint
    - Chromate- Grain
  • Pre-determination of air quality for ventilation system design

  • Survey of workplace for compliance and related health reasons

  • Monitoring indoor air quality in factories, offices, or homes for respirable particulates

  • LEED Green Building indoor air quality investigations




Performance Profile
Accuracy ± 10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust
Resolution 0.001 mg/m3
Calibration NIOSH gravimetric method, NIST traceable, SAE fine test dust
Sensing Range 0.001 to 20.0 mg/m3 (0.01 to 200 mg/m3 - optional)
Particulate Size Range 0.1 to 100 µm
Particle Size Measurement 1 µm, 2.5 µm, 4.0 µm, or 10 µm
Precision ± 0.003 mg/m3 (3 µg/m3)
Sampling Flow Rate 2 L/min
Display Alphanumeric LCD, 4 lines, 20 characters, mg/m3 concentration reading
Operation Four-key splash-proof membrane switch
Analog Output 0 to 2 VDC
Alarm Output 90 dB at 3 ft
Record Time 1 sec to 15 mo
Sampling Rate Short-term 2, 4, and 10 sec
Sampling Rate Long-term 1, 10, and 30 min
Memory and Time Storage > 5 yrs
Real-time Clock and Display Hours, minutes, seconds, day, month, year
Data Storage 21,600 data points
Data Display Concentration in mg/m3 and TWA, Max, Min, STEL, date, time
Digital Output RS-232
Operating Temperature 14 to 122 F (-10 to 50 C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 158 F (-20 to 70 C)
Software Windows driven for graphical and data translation
Power Rechargeable NiMH battery
Run Time > 10 hrs on rechargeable NiMH battery; continuous on AC
Charging Time < 10 hrs
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 3 x 6 x 9 in (7.6 x 15.2 x 22.9 cm)
Weight 5 lbs (2.3 kg)




The portable AIR-AIDE Airborne Particulate Monitor is a fixed-point monitor to survey dust levels. AIR-AIDE is ideal for indoor air quality investigations and as a tool for compliance monitoring. With the 10-hour NiMH battery, AIR-AIDE can sample for a full day. For extended monitoring, run AIR-AIDE from AC power using the supplied charger/adapter. Results are displayed immediately or can be stored in memory. At the end of monitoring, download data to a PC. Supplied DustComm Pro Software allows for graphical and statistical representation of the total dust generating process.