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Sensors for Drager Gas Monitors

Orderable Items Dräger® replacement electrochemical, infrared, catalytic bead, and PID sensors are available for Dräger gas monitors, including the Pac and X-am® Series. DrägerSensors are designed to work with specific control systems and components. "Smart" DrägerSensors are equipped with internal memory for automatic self-testing and alerts.

XS Sensors
Dräger replacement XS sensors for Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000 monitors

ABOUT Dräger XS Sensors
For extra stability, use interchangeable user-replaceable electrochemical XS sensors for the Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000 gas monitors to measure over 50 different gases and vapors. Dräger XS sensors feature built-in gas-specific intelligence, superior temperature stability, pressure compensation, minimum cross-sensitivity to background gases, and constant validation of sensor performance. These sensors require less frequent calibration compared to other electrochemical sensors. Calibrated XS sensors can be transferred from unit to unit without recalibration. Carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen versions of the XS sensors carry a three-year warranty and only require annual recalibration.

Dräger XS-R Sensors
The latest generation of intelligent electrochemical DrägerSensors® offer all the technical advantages of the XS sensors but feature a five-year warranty. Available for CO, H2S, and O2, they are compatible with the Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000 monitors.

Replacement XS-R Sensors
All the technological advantages of XS Sensors with a five-year warranty, for Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000

Dräger XS-2 Sensors
The new XS-2 family of CO, H2S, and O2 electrochemical DrägerSensors offer:

  • Complete compatibility and interchangeability with Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000
  • 2-year warranty, even for O2
  • Economy
Economical intelligent sensors with at two-year warranty, for Pac III, MiniWarn, and X-am 7000


Replacement XXS Sensors
High sensitivity, miniature size, long life for Pac 7000, X-am 2000, X-am 5000, and X-am 5600

X-am Dräger XS Sensors
X-am 3000 gas sensors are a variation of Dräger XS Sensors and perform for > two years with six-month calibration intervals.

Smart Cat Sensors
Measure a wide range of combustible gases/vapors with the X-am 7000 Smart Cat Sensors. All combustibles readily oxidized by the catalyst will respond to the sensor at different sensitivities.

Smart Infrared (IR) Sensors
X-am 7000 Smart Sensors are extremely accurate and do not have cross sensitivities to other gases.

PID Sensor
The X-am 7000 PID sensor detects low levels of broadband toxics or VOCs.