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Full Disclosure Detect Lead on Skin & Surfaces

Orderable Items NIOSH-developed Full Disclosure® Wipe Sampling Kits provide instant and safe detection of lead on skin and surfaces. Each kit contains everything needed to detect lead at or above 18 µg on skin and surfaces. Use Full Disclosure to modify worker cleaning behavior by spot-checking surfaces and checking worker skin after surface and hand cleaning. Ensure your workers go home with no lead contamination.


Identify the presence of lead with SKC Full Disclosure Instant Wipes and Confirm decontamination of lead by retesting skin with Full Disclosure Wipes.
Step 1. Prepare the Solution
Prepare the solution for lead sampling

Step 2. Wipe to Sample
wipe hands to take the lead sample

Step 3. Spray and Read the Results
Yellow color indicates absence of lead
Yellow to Orange = Lead < 18 µg
Red color indicates presence of lead
Pink to Red = Lead > 18 µg



Determine the effectiveness of hand washing to remove lead residues: Individuals exposed to lead in their work or at a shooting range can use Full Disclosure wipes prior to eating, drinking, or smoking, and at the end of the workday to ensure lead has been completely removed from their hands and other body parts during washing. By demonstrating the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of washing for removal of lead residues, individuals are better able to prevent toxic hand-off to other surfaces and individuals.

Educate workers in industries where lead is an occupational hazard: The on-the-spot color change provides immediate feedback to exposed workers on the importance of adequate hand washing. Full Disclosure wipes should be an integral part of safety training for workers in lead industries.

Spot-check lead-contaminated work surfaces: Lead change rooms, for example, may have a prescribed cleaning regimen. Full Disclosure wipes can be used to spot-check lead-contaminated work surfaces to ensure that a prescribed cleaning regimen has resulted in the desired "clean" levels. Similarly, they can be used to check surfaces such as steering wheels, doorknobs, and hand tools touched by lead-contaminated workers.

Note: Full Disclosure is not intended to detect lead in paint, paint chips, on painted surfaces, or embedded in material such as plastic and is not suitable for lead chromate.

Evaluate the presence of lead and the effectiveness of its removal: Field evaluations can be performed easily in homes, schools, and other similar environments.


Wipe the test surface, i.e., skin, safety glasses, tables, workbenches, shoes, etc. with a wipe to collect lead that may be present.

Spray the mildly acidic aqueous solution onto the wipe to solubilize the lead, then spray the aqueous rhodizonate test reagent onto the wipe.

Read the Results. If solubilized lead is present, a pink to red color bloom will appear immediately. The intensity of the color bloom can indicate the relative amount of lead present. Positive wipes can be sent to a laboratory for quantitative analysis if desired.

Note: Full Disclosure was developed to detect the presence of elemental lead and some lead salts. The extraction solution will not solubilize all lead salts. Full Disclosure is suitable for elemental lead, lead nitrate, lead sulfate, and lead oxide. Full Disclosure will not detect lead chromate or alkyl lead.

  • Unlike existing lead detection systems, Full Disclosure can be used on human skin, including the face, and on surfaces without damage because the test reagents never touch the test surface

  • Immediate color change alerts exposed individuals to perform more thorough hand or surface washing

  • Intensity of color bloom can be used to indicate relative lead levels

  • Positive wipes can be sent to a laboratory for quantitative analysis if desired

  • Full Disclosure was developed and patented by the CDC-NIOSH (U.S. Patent No. 6,248,593)

  • Can be used on face and neck making it highly suitable for use at shooting ranges

All kits include:

  • 11 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 10 pre-packaged wipes
  • Disclosing Powder #1
  • Extraction Solution #2
  • Deionized water for preparing Developing Solution #3
  • 10 sheets waxed paper
  • Complete instructions