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Stick-to-it Lift Tape

Orderable Items The Stick-to-it Lift Tape samples surfaces for biological contaminants. The flexible plastic microscopic slide has an adhesive area used for sampling biological and inorganic dust contamination on surfaces. Laboratory analysis indicates the degree of contamination and type of fungi present.

  • Easy to use, inexpensive slides

  • No baggies, glass slides, or sample loss

  • Consistent sample area for better data interpretation

  • Flexible plastic for sampling irregular surfaces

  • Slide mailer maintains sample integrity

  • Individually serialized for sample identification

  • Suitable for collecting pollen or fibers from surfaces, insulation, etc.




Stick-to-it Lift Tape

Stick-to-it flexible plastic microscope slides feature an adhesive area for easy sampling. Identify the sample area, press slide adhesive to the surface, place slide in provided mailer, and send to a laboratory for analysis.

The Stick-to-it Advantage

Non-destructive: Use Stick-to-it safely on most surfaces.

Flexible: No glass slide to break during sample transport.

Easier to handle: Unlike tape, Stick-to-it allows a quick, mess-free sample, effective transport to a laboratory, and easy microscopic analysis. NO baggies, glass slides, cross contamination, sample loss, slide breakage, or slide mounting.

Time-saving: Good for initial site sampling to indicate whether or not further sampling is needed. Stick-to-it samples indicate all mold present in a specific area and may reveal indoor areas contaminated with spores that have not become airborne.

Using Stick-to-it
  • Remove slide from the mailer.

  • Document required information for the laboratory.

  • Remove liner from the adhesive. (Pull liner from top down for best results.)

  • Press adhesive area to surface to be sampled.

  • Place slide into provided slide mailer.

  • Send to an accredited laboratory for analysis.