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1. 225-0020 and 225-0021: The nuts on the port fittings in the cap of the PFA Impinger do not seem to hold tubing tightly, even though I feel I have applied quite a bit of force. What is required for a good sample? Is there something I can do to ensure that the tubing is held more securely?

Answer: To collect a good sample, tubing must connect to the impinger port fittings in a manner that is leak-free and secure. When assembling the impinger, secure tubing to each fitting by tightening the supplied nut. Test each connection by pulling gently…

2. Impinger Traps: How much sorbent should be loaded into glass trap Cat. No. 225-22?

Glass traps use approximately 3/4 inch and up to 1 inch of sorbent if spillage is likely.

3. Impingers, PFA: What is the maximum system pressure SKC PFA impingers can handle?

The PFA impingers supplied by SKC are rated for 10 psi (approximately 69 KPa) pressure. Pressures exceeding the rating will cause a leak.

4. Impingers, Glass: What is the size of the glass frit on SKC fritted impingers?

SKC fritted impingers are classified as very coarse with a 170 to 220-micron glass frit.