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1. 225 Series: What is the maximum operating temperature of SKC Sample Bags?

It depends on the temperature tolerance of the bag material, fitting material, or fitting components; see table below. SKC Tedlar Bags SKC SamplePro FlexFilm SKC FlexFoil and FlexFoil PLUS Stainless steel fitted 225 F (107.2 C)

2. Which bag material should be used when collecting sulfur dioxide?

SKC has not tested this compound in bags. However, the SKC Catalog references an Industrial Hygiene News article written by Jimmy Perkins that indicates that mylar bags are suitable for sulfur dioxide at 1 ppm. SKC FlexFoil PLUS ® bags are the closest…

3. Where can I find information on the stability of specific compounds in sample bags?

SKC Bag Stability Report at

4. What is the maximum compound boiling point at which I can sample using a sample bag?

Do not sample compounds with a boiling point > 249.8 F (121 C).

5. Which tubing will fit over the stem of the SKC single polypropylene bag fitting and the Grab Air Pump exhaust fitting?

The 231-9-23 PTFE tubing has an inner diameter of 3/16 inch, which fits over the 3/16-inch outer diameter of the polypropylene fitting and the Grab Air Pump exhaust fitting.