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1. Samples: Where can I send mine after collection?

Visit our laboratory list for a list of AIHA accredited laboratories that accept samples on a fee basis.

2. Collection media: How do I know which media I need for sampling specific compounds?

The SKC Comprehensive Catalog includes: OSHA, NIOSH and ASTM Air Sampling GuideEPA Air Sampling GuideThese guides list all the OSHA regulated chemicals and how to sample for them and are available free of charge.

3. What sampling media do you recommend for "sick building syndrome"?

Indoor air quality investigations are quite complex and little is gained from quick surveys using detector tubes or other sampling media. Complaints could be due to ventilation problems, microbial contamination, chemicals in use, offgassing from carpeting…

4. Must I sample exactly at the recommended sampling rates shown in the method?

Most methods list a range of acceptable flow rates as well as a minimum and a maximum air volume that should accommodate most sampling situations. When method modifications are made, quality control data showing the validity of the method under the new parameters…

5. Can I use NIOSH or OSHA methods to do environmental sampling outside the plant?

Most NIOSH and OSHA methods are designed to measure airborne chemical levels in the range or parts per million (ppm). However, environmental assessments are usually done to evaluate chemical levels in the parts per billion(ppb) range and sub-ppb range. Evaluate…

6. Can I use a sampling method other than the one recommended by OSHA, NIOSH or other government agencies?

Yes. OSHA does not mandate the sampling method. OSHA standards for individual chemicals will typically list the methods that have been tested by OSHA or NIOSH, but this does not preclude the use of alternative equivalent methods. The employer has the obligation…

7. Which air sampling method is better to use?

If more than one method is published by NIOSH and OSHA, the user should select the most appropriate method for the specific sampling situation based on desired sampling media, analytical method, measuring range, possible interferences, etc. Communication…

8. Why must I send a blank sample to the laboratory with each set of samples?

Blank samples are those in which the media was opened but no air was drawn through them. The analysis of blank samples is an important quality control element of your sampling program in that they ensure the background of the sampling media is acceptable…

9. Air sampling methods: How can I receive a copy

US Government agency methods are posted on-line, you can find links to these agencies on the SKC Links page. If you have questions contact SKC